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29 October 2008

Silent Stranger at Dawn

This morning, as the long coppery fingers of the unseen sun were stretching upwards towards the horizon - peeling back night's veil of soft shadowy hues, I quietly made my way up the wide driveway to retrieve the garbage cans which royal sonshine forgot to bring down yesterday. It was beautiful - the dawn - I was grateful for its hushed, peaceful solitude. So, softly shrouded within a fine, low mist, I bear witness to the birth of a new day.

I wasn't alone.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow drop soundlessly, like molasses being slowly poured over the fence of my neighbor and spilling into my yard. As I turned, a large coyote stood staring at me through pale eyes of gold. Turning away, he moved in utter and complete silence -- gliding easily, with such power and fluidity, over the tall gate into my backyard. Not a single sound was unleashed -- not from him nor from the world around him. I stood, unable to move. Not so much out of fear, but more that I was completely mesmerized by this hauntingly beautiful being. Mere moments later, the lithe creature slid back over the gate -- cloaked within the same silence, and like some sort of apparition, moved without a sound along the Oleanders and loped slowly towards the street - looking over his shoulder at me before disappearing into what was left of the darkness.

I quickly made my way back into my house, and found both my dogs still sleeping - they hadn't sensed a thing - it's as if the coyote was never really there at all. If my feet weren't wet from dew, I'd think that I had dreamed it.

I feel strangely honored to have seen something so wild, so unexpected, especially in such a crowded and tame residential area. So, thank you, coyote - may your path steer clear of anyone wishing you harm.

Good morning, world.


niartist said...

Whoo hoo! First to comment on this one! ;) Truly fantastic writing Isa, as usual. I love your metaphors, symbolism, and wit. Your writing is clever and thought provocative, and I am ever so thankful that we've met via this world wide web!

Blue Muse said...

It was really something to see!!! They have built developments into all the canyons to the east and forced them to come into residential areas, it's scary. I was too amazed to be scared, though!!

I'm so grateful for you Artie, my twin from another mother and dear dear friend.


jerseygirl211 said...


I want you to know that your blog has truly been a blessing and a great way for me to escape to another place. I am enjoying the times I spend on your blog very much and so very happy that I followed Artie's advise and found you. As I told him, the way that you express yourself is like reading verses in poetry. I kid you not, you should do something with this talent.

I'm afraid that I was indulging myself in a little self pity this morning. Maybe your too young to know of the early shows that were on tv and in the movies, but there was one that was called 'THE PERILS OF PAULINE' and that is what I've been feeling that I'm in the middle of these days. What I didn't include in today's post, is that both my beautiful Collie and myself got pretty sick this week. I believe it was from some canned chicken that I used to make some chicken salad. Sergei begged for some while I was making it and we both ended up sick the next day.

Hey, we all go thru times like this, and this was just my time. But thank you so much for the kind words.


Blue Muse said...

Oh, D - you are so sweet. I've submitted things here and there, but so far, nothing has stuck ;)

We all have our challenging times, trust me, I know! I'm not "blue muse" for nothing - I really do understand feeling like that!

Chin up, the best thing is if you don't like how things are going, and you really can't figure out how to turn it around, or if it's totally out of your control... just hang on - Everything has it's limits, even darkness (zoha said that!) change is inevitable, and this will surely pass. Hang on! Better days ahead! =) Big hugs!

jerseygirl211 said...

Sweet Isa,

Honestly, I am fine. :) Getting up, and being without heat this morning, just 'pissed me off'. :(

We almost moved to Santa Barbara, years ago, my husband was offered a job in Ventrua. He was a research engineer and a friend recommended him. We were wined and dined for three days, but things didn't work out, as far as selling our two properties, he had to pass it up after keeping them waiting for three months.

We have two close friends out there, one in Santa Marie, Elaine and her husband have a business testing pesticides, mostly for vineyards.:) Then there is Angelo, he goes by Tony now, and has Scott's Food Products, in L.A., he and I grew up together in New Jersey. There are several others, and we could have attended a wedding there earlier this month.

We do try for a stop-over in Ca. when we go to Hawaii, my favorite vacation, :) and have stayed in Southern Ca. on our way to Mexico and even visited San Diego Seaworld while there.

My husband lived in L.A. as a teenager, with an aunt & uncle for a few years. He loves to ride around his 'old stamping grounds' when we visit. He still has first cousins livng there, but they have not been in touch in years.

So you see, we do have ties to the west coast, and now there is you. LOL :) Don't panic, we won't drop in for a visit. LOL Besides, my girlfriend, Elaine, has been trying to get me to come back for years now, without success. Your guest house is safe, ;)

Never give up on your writing, and your talent.


Blue Muse said...

D, when the GH is up and running, you all are welcome to make a stop over on your way to Hawaii! It would be fun!