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13 October 2008

Yellow, Yellow, Lovely Yellow...

I'm still lamenting over yellow exteriors. (And the fact that I lost the vote on the exterior color choice of our new villa ala beach shack) Poor tired husband says it's not actually the color that I'm pining away for, but rather the whole package it represents for me - the century old house near the sea with roses, rosemary and olive trees ... it is my dream house, truly. I dream of it, speak of it at any opportunity, and try in my own way to create it where I happen to be. My heart and soul long for it.

Bramasole - the villa featured in the movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun"

Have you ever seen "Under the Tuscan Sun?" Terrible movie, but the house (the entire location, really) is absolutely to die for. I would do anything to have it. It is the kind of house that lives in my heart. I bought that movie, and I have watched it a hundred times - with the sound off - just for the scenery.

I also have Captain Corelli's Mandolin and watch it for the scenery, too! I know in my heart of hearts that before this life is over I'm going to have to move to Italy or one of the small Greek Islands and have my dream villa by the sea. Then, and only then will I be a completely happy muse.

Dinner under the grapevine above the sea.... Mmmm! My kind of wonderful.

Ok, so back to the here and the now - Poor Tired Husband and Royal Sonshine still want Green with crisp white trim. It was a fair vote - 2 to 1, and we drove around for hours and narrowed our choices to a handful of house colors we saw (see the winners one of my posts a few days ago), but I'm not going to be happy. Eventhough we've already voted, (and I lost!) Maybe I can at least do a technique with two shades of green on the stucco of the main house and tone the trim down to a more creamy shade... perhaps sand it back a little... put a little stamp of 'old' charm on it, and still have them happy (because their happiness is important and peace is paramount in the land of Isa!) Will they compromise? We'll see, we'll see. But for now... more scraping!

Poor tired husband - "no more scraping today. No more, I say!"

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