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26 November 2008

Windows of the World - Today in All its Glory

A local surfer hitting the water here at the state beach down the street this morning - Surfing is always an option, no matter what day of year here in my sleepy little beach town.

Another beautiful day is emerging after the rain. Trees bogged down by their water-soaked foliage stretch their soggy limbs skyward, asking to be warmly embraced by the returning sun. Long blades of grass left doubled over by the last night's siege of water and forced to lay on the cold earth, now reach skyward from the warming ground. Pairs of small birds sing out from hiding spots within the ever-blooming bougainvillea that frames the front porch of my little house. Every living thing under the warm benevolent November sun seems so content -

My curiosity was piqued as to what was going on in the rest of the world this very moment. I had one of those kismet moments when I went to Underground Weather on the web to see if any more rain was in my immediate future, and lo and behold there was a gallery of photos showing weather all over the world - right now. I just had to share the beauty of it all.

What Today Looks Like Around the World:

From here to eternity in Wilcox, Arizona at dawn.

Fiery morning mist rises in the Southern pastures of Ventress, Louisiana today.

A blizzard offers silence and solitude as it covers Sofia, Bulgaria today.

The misty dawn of my favorite and yearly destination - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The morning brings a hauntingly beautiful sunrise over Pulwy, Poland today.

Prisms explode in the sky of Providence, Rhode Island, this morning.

The blazing dawn of Paradise Point, Florida this morning.

Autumn's riot of color painted over Oregon

A leaf frozen in time today in Lunenburg, Massachusetts.

The picture-perfect road less traveled today in Lothlorien, Illinois.

A stream running through the glory of the season- today in Lanvinia, Tennessee

Fog enshrouds Lake George in New York

The majestic views this morning over Chelton Butte, Washington

The smokey veil of Gardener's fires in Le Mole Var, France

The sun making its way over Kauai, Hawaii, this morning.

Chilly winds blow over the French Riviera, while the yellow buildings and yachts are bathed in the warmth of the November sun.

A perfect rainbow appears following the rains up in Los Angeles at dawn on the Corner of Burbank and Sepulveda

Eastern Greenlandic Mountains cloaked in the enchanting hues of dawn Today.

Wild skies over Clearwater, Florida

The crescent moon hangs in the sagging sky at sunrise over Charlotte Harbor, Florida

Undisturbed Snow covered woods in Cedar Springs, Michigan

The Cathedral Mountains of Alaska painted in the incredible colors of daybreak.

The stormy sea pounds the city of Kalamata, Greece.

Today's sunrise saturates Bryce Canyon, Utah in breathtaking splendor.

The low hanging sky between rains today in Antwerp, Belgium

Nature's wonders - today's frost in Slovakia

The grasses dancing in the wind this morning in Iowa

The skies in Ft. Collins, Colorado swirl in sultry red and golds, dancing to the heartbeat of the world.
My hope is that wherever you are, you are basking in the indescribable beauty of the natural world - that you are surrounded by gratitude, joy, and those that love you.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Photo credits: All photos are from the Underground Weather "current weather" photo gallery.


Naz said...

Simply beautiful.

jerseygirl211 said...


The pictures were beautiful. I got some in email today, that I would like to share, but it won't let me copy them. :(

It's Friday evening here now, and things are winding down. Our son-in-law, grandson and my husband just finished making a drink called Boilo, I'm posting the recipe tomorrow.

Hope your holiday was exactly what you wanted it to be.


Anonymous said...


What a lovely blog! The pics were breathtaking! I truly enjoyed your blog today!

Donna Marie