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28 February 2009

Opposites Attract

One of my favorite juxtapositions
-- Modern & Antique --
side by side
yet not.
This is fabulous together.

Photo via Cote de Texas

Judy, over at Atlantis Home is totally speaking my language lately. Her eclectic mix and juxtaposition of rustic primitive, french and sleek modern drives me wild in the best of ways.

Come peek --

Photo via Atlantis Home

Now... walking through this (newly done) archway (below), along the highly textured walls of dreamy grey-green, with the beautiful primitive cupboard in front of you ...

Photo via Atlantis Home

You turn the corner and this is what you discover!

Photo via Atlantis Home

It's a complete surprise to what would be expected!

I love the mix of such gorgeous pieces! The sheepskin laden ghost chairs are fantastic! Mixed in with the rustic table, the primitive cupboard, the shabby chalkboard and that gorgeous modern linear chandelier.

The room is brilliant.

Photo via Atlantis Home

She's added beams to the ceiling and made the room even more gorgeous! ... as if that were possible!

Through another lyrical and new archway lies the living room

Photo via Atlantis Home
Look at that cowhide covered chair! Be still my heart. I so want one!

Photo via Atlantis Home

...and these barrel chairs -- yes, there are 2 of them! Judy recently gave new life to them by recovering them in delicious burlap. Fab-u-lous. I'm seriously drooling over them.

Photo via Atlantis Home

It has inspired me to revisit my dog-earred chaise of sage hued raw silk -- I was seriously contemplating getting rid of it. But it is a really nice piece, structurally, and I'd rather take Judy's lead and recover it with some rustic, heavy, unbleached, washed white linen, hemp or burlap, and recover the back pillow with a vintage grain bag with a subtle stamp --
Here's what it could look like --
but with a duo of mohair and velvet pillows and a muted tapestry throw
A burlap and grain sack upholstered chaise in the LA showroom of Dan Marty
photographed by the lovely and talented Interior Designer, Brooke Giannetti (see her blog, Velvet & Linen here) who was kind enough to let me use it. xo

And speaking of grain sacks -- I just purchased this beauty --

photo credit: Wendy at www.textiletrunk.com
This ad was so beautiful, how could I resist?

It's huge - 27 x 48. I'm going to rip the seams out and turn it into 2 sections, because it is stamped on both pieces! I'm going to frame at least one for my living room, and maybe use the rest for my chaise pillow -

photo credit: Wendy at www.textiletrunk.com

Imagine my surprise when I was looking at this other gorgeous photo shot by Brooke -- of Dan Marty's Los Angeles showroom ... and saw my exact grain sack, framed, and hanging on his wall!
I think I might have made a good choice in my purchase... ;)

Click to enlarge

And, how fabulous is the ottoman in the above photo? But I think the framed bags and the chaise are more than enough vintage grain bags for one room in my world -- I like to keep it mixed up -- not too much of one look. The chaise may even end up in the guest house... I'm not sure yet.

I like this frame choice, too. It would look fabulous in my bedroom of whites.

Photo credit: Wendy at www.textiletrunk.com

There are a few other projects going on in my living room - slipping the sun-bleached sage velvet sectional in a soft washed white linen for summer - but that may not happen this summer as my project dance card is full. Over full. ...but it is definitely on the back burner. It's a modern boned sofa, and very substantial. Huge would be a better word. I'd love for the pillows on it to go something like what is on the couch below --

Slettvoll via Willow Decor

While the overall room above is far too modern for my house, I do love the colors - those pillows are fabulous and I LOVE that piece of art! I'd put that in my home in a heartbeat.

So that makes us current with the "goings on" here in Museville - the exterior painting continues, the interior painting is stalled out for now, while I rethink the colors. The bathroom is still in the idea stage, but the paint is purchased, the kitchen cabinets are about to be painted -- I finally settled on a color and technique, and purchased my supplies -- all good stuff for future blogging subjects and fun before and afters. So i better get to it! So much to do!
Enjoy the day
...no matter what.


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

I love the juxtaposition, too! And that upholstery? Absolutely yummy!

once in a blue moon... said...

always such a sensual visit here, from the music to the visual i always linger here to long... well for my husband, he is never happy when music is heard over his durn tv... i love the barrel chairs and your latest burlap find.

Miss Kris said...

I soo enjoyed my visit today! What a beautiful post! I simply love your new grain sack purchase. Oooo….in a frame, so lovely!!!

vicki archer said...

Love, love all these shots Isa, xv.

I'ts Cosmic Rock... said...

This is tomuch...my soul nearly couldn't take all of that beauty you are displaying here!! Need everything BADLY! Keep it coming to us dear!!

ness lockyer said...

Oh Isa I love it all. You know how much I love grain sacks and French chairs, and muted colours (esp with white). I cant get over how great that chandelier is...and the room...divine.
What a wonderful post and I really must ask the question...Where did you get the sack??? I am after something like that. Please tell.
Ness xx

niartist said...

Oh twin! I love this post, and these pictures are absolutely stunning. Make no mistake, I would steal those chairs in a NY Minute from Atlantis Home, but I think I could live most comfortably in that last picture from Willow Decor. Le Yumm! I'm off to an antique show with Scott - I'll give you a call this afternoon! xoxo

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I'm very much looking forward to hearing/seeing all about the kitchen cabinets. About them being painted and the color/technique you will use.

Aunt Amelia
"March is a tomboy with tousled hair, a mischievous smile, mud on her shoes
and a laugh in her voice."
~ Hal Borland

Terri said...

What beautiful images, Isa. I am envious of your grain sack and think framing it is a splendid idea. Please show us the finished product!
xo T.

P.S. My word verification word is INDLYZ...what a funny lazy word. ; )

Cote de Texas said...

I love your purchase! I am thinking of ditching my zebra pillows for grain sacks. I am so into them too - I am jealous of yours!!!!

Maya@Completely-Coastal said...

Thanks for voting up chair #2 over at Fifi's..., thought you might get a kick out of seeing the entire room here:

Catherine said...

That grain sack is a winner! Can't wait to see what you do with it.
You have such a lovely blog Isa.
Catherine xx

Cindy J. said...

I am always delighted by the justaposition of opposites.. Rustic-refined awesome... always such a visual feast here... Thank-you. Cindy

Thibeault's Table said...

Your blog is so beautiful. I enjoyed my visit.

Ann said...

That dining area from Atlantis Home is oh so gorgeous...really lovely chairs that goes well with the other pieces. You always have so lovely images that I am totally adoring.

Courtney said...

That dining room is gorgeous! I too love the juxtaposition of modern and antique-- it makes my heart pound. And your grain sack purchase is incredible; I am quite envious as I have been lusting over grain sacks lately!

Princesseneige said...

So beautiful photos!

LaurenFaythe said...

I too, love the juxtaposition of modern and rustic, vintage. The two really balance each other out, and makes a space so interesting!

Urban Farmhouse said...

What a wonderful visit I just had on your blog! Thank you! Love the old burlap mixed with other elements...it speaks to me!

Broc et Stock said...

Such beautiful ideas to use my old grain sacks ... Thanks

Terri Smith said...

Goodness gracious alive! I love your blog! I'm heading over to the textile trunk to see if there are any grain sacks available. They're lovely. Really enjoyed my stroll tonight. Thanks for all the wonderful information you've made available.

Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri Smith