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20 February 2009

The Quiet Dance of the Night Garden

by the lovers of perky daytime flowers,
a plethora of hauntingly beautiful flora
within the quiet of the night
the most special

The opening
of their ghostly pale petals
against the soft silvery leaves
portend the ritualistic coming of the moon.

Queen of the night sky;
the mysterious and beautiful moon
spreads her veil of soft luminescent light
silently towards my yard.

Like sylvan ghosts,
ethereal fingers of pale light
glide through the leafy canopy
of the ancient pepper tree,
calling out to her most hidden...
...her nocturnal floral subjects.

Sultry wisteria is the first to answer her call.

While the world is sunless and still,
donned heavily in the perfume she only wears
after dark,
wisteria gently climbs into the naked open arches of the pergola
to partake
in the slow dance
of night.

She laces slowly through slight gaps
and the occasional knot in my tired deck,
wrapping her taunt ringlets around the outstretched fingers of the sleepy trellis
within the heart of my backyard.
Tracing a drowsy, aromatic loop
over the rusted shovel
left forgotten
in the side yard.

Fragile clusters
of luminous lavender blossoms
begin to bloom
from an open bodice of tender leaves
and an ancient tangle of climbing earth-brown vines.
Beautiful in the extreme,
and much to the bitter dismay
of the sun,
wisteria does her best work
at night.

Unlike wisteria,
who shares her outer beauty with both the moon and the sun,
the luminous petals of her entourage
will never be visible
within the thunder and flurry
of daytime activity
which is slated
for the sassy and brightly-hued
flowers of the sun.

My moon garden's lovely blossoms
twinkle softly
within the presence

lost within their own song,
until that time
their silky petals are enshrouded
by the morning dew.

Within that silvery veil of dawn
-- the exact moment between the last shadow of night and the first breath of day--
their fragile petals begin to fold protectively,
providing cover
as they fall asleep
within daytime hours

-- leaving wisteria lonely --

until at last,
at the beckoning of eventide,
the pale and fragrant petals
once again open in full bloom,
longing for the glow of moonlight

as they begin their nightly dance
beneath the wisteria
once again.


niartist said...

Ooooo! I missed your writing while I was gone! :) So beautiful, and those pictures are stunning! I tried calling you - but I guess Lolo has your phone. I didn't save your home # in my phone (?) which is curious because I could have sworn I did - but anyway - call me!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxxoxo

Helen said...

Mystical and magical as always .. serve the broccoli dish cold.

Last evening my sister informed me (after checking out my blog) that she had never liked that dish!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Too beautiful for words! I am dying for spring!! Thank you so much for your visit, Isa. And Congrats on your award from Vicki!
I will visit again. It's like a little vacation over here in your world!
All the best,

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh what an enchanting entry!

Perfectly lovely... Text and photos... All.

Thank you.

Aunt Amelia
"Be happy. It's one way of being wise." ~Colette

once in a blue moon... said...

wasn't that an entertaining night stroll! oh how i love it all, wisteria and datura, 2 very favs, anything with intoxicating smells is my best friend. another fabulous presentation from s ca~

sun is out today and blastingly bright, everthing is dripping and green, a beautiful day in the country~

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Goodness. I would have to sleep outside, I just know it!

Happy To Be said...

WOW!! These pictures are just awesome girl..have you ever framed any of these yet?? just beautiful...thanks for sharing hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

I'ts Cosmic Rock... said...

Thank you for this loveliness...I often sit in my garden in summer, waiting for evening to come. Sitting still in my chair, seeing the starrs pop out of the darkness one by one...birds on their way to their nests or whatever hidden cave they go to...And then they come: the little vampire's, finding their way through the darkness...magical moments...just like yours..'And God saw that it was good...".

Blue Muse said...

Hi Cosmic Rock!

EEK! Vampires? No, no no! Not in my garden :)

Maybe I won't be sleeping in the hammock this summer... not without some garlic?
xo Isa