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27 March 2009

Ride on, Dreamer...

Floors are the topic of conversation between me and Poor Tired Husband lately -- we have 80 year old 1 inch oak planks under the carpet here in Museville, which we plan on breathing new life back into after we recover from the exterior painting. A lot of sanding, elbow grease, stain and wax, and they should be beautiful -- but my heart really belongs to the wide, rustic planks like those shown below in Artist Michele Deiter's Dutch Warehouse home.

I love this living room. The primitive fur pelts strewn over the backs of formal chairs which cradle soft, oversized pillows. The sleek, curvy, feminine legs of the chairs sitting on the rough, rustic wide floor boards -- the overstuffed casual slip covered sofa laden with a plethora of rich textured pillows - framed by the luxe, dark curtains.

I could so very easily live here.

Ahhh those wide rustic floors below the industrial stainless refrigerator --my kind of heavenly combination. Now... if I could only find a way to make my skinny floor boards here somehow get fatter to look like these ... I can dream, right?
Ah well, as the old saying goes - if wishes were horses then dreamers would ride.
Giddy up.
Happy weekend, all!
photos HB Aug 08


Ted A. Brooks said...

Oh I love "If wishes were horses, then dreamers would ride." That's blissful. Today is my first day to visit other blogs and somehow I found your lovely site. You are very creative.
Angel Blessings

Helen said...

Before I leave this Earth ... I WILL have a room with an old, wide planked, reclaimed wood floor! It's a promise I have made to myself and I intend to keep it. Even if it's a tiny, tiny room.

cityfarmer said...

i have tiny 130 year old planks ... I must be happy with that...it is original and very homey in my farm kitchen...I do however, know of what you speak!!!!
I could move right in there with ya.

jerseygirl211 said...

I'm with you, we are putting in wide plank floors. I wish I could twitch my nose and it all be done, but they are going down little by little. I'm afraid I might be dead before they are done. :(


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ride on Sister!! I think yours will be beautiful! We had those 150 year old wide plank in an old house we had....they were nice! Now we have cement.

~Screech {Horse coming to a fast stop}

Have a great weekend!

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I have these very same images saved! They appeared in Australian Home Beautiful a few months back, and I scanned them for a future post - but you beat me to it! :) I don't think I would have written my post quite so eloquently as yours though.
Painting is looking fabulous - all that hard work is paying off.
Have a wonderful weekend
Catherine xx

maureen said...

i love those floors in the first pic.there's nothing more classic than wooden floors weathered by time.

niartist said...

Love it. All of it. Lets move in!

Ry @ Sotto Il Monte Vineyards said...

I'm just catching up on my favorite blogs after a busy week. Your house looks great! Such a familar landscape to me. Someday it will all be just the way you want it even if you have to do without the wide planks.
Cheers Isa!

Miss Kris said...

Hi Isa~

I love your quote! My family uses If "ifs and "ands" were "pots" and "pans" there would be no need for "tinkers". I'm sure your lovely floors will be simply DIVINE!!!

Have a wonderous weekend!
~Miss Kris~

Chrissy said...

Again you have inspired me to the core!!!! Many thanks... Chrissy

vicki archer said...

Those floor boards are heavenly Isa, such a beautiful room - and I am sure yours will be too. Have a lovely weekend, xv.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Old wooden floors.
Nothing better!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Gorgeous apartment! It's so funny you should comment on the fur pelts as I was just today pre-writing a blog post about a Reindeer pelt my husband bought me for valentines a few years ago. The pelt has never looked at home in any of our houses, but now in "Berrrrr-lin" with the cold winters it's so warm and cozy! I love it!

I also love the typical "Dutch" layout of this warehouse in the photos - 90% of the homes in Holland have this narrow lane effect with the front windows. The owner/decorator has done a wonderful job with the decor here! Beautiful!


once in a blue moon... said...

you can dream all you want...

are you done, dare i say it... painting?

Anonymous said...