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02 April 2009

Jack is Back... and Looking Fab!

The British flag -- or Union Jack was introduced to the world in 1606. It has popped up in some form or another in the fashion world for good or for ill for as long as I can remember.
Recently I've been seeing it pop up within beautiful interior designs -

...and I am absolutely loving it.

Here, the flag is seen on designer Dan Marty's pillows in his LA showroom

and again seen here on this primitive bench (sitting on a gorgeous herringbone wood floor!) in a stylish flat in the UK.

I love this shot -- a simple and faded union jack leaning on the wall in the corner next to a panel of gorgeous old tin ceiling tiles used as wall art - love it, love it. love it all.

Another faded flag resting against a white wall behind an antique lamp post -- it looks great in this home. If you notice, there are antlers on the far wall, and that seems to be a popular and gorgeous accompaniment to the union jack in many vignettes I've seen lately.

Another great use - as a rug.
It's gorgeous in this calm and lovely white room.

Photographer James Merrell captures a Union Jack chaise lounge sitting underneath a striking pair of antlers perfectly showcased on a wall of black.

Bookend Union Jack pillows make a serious setting more playful.

Faded Glory.
A washed out Union Jack flaps gently in the breeze underneath a set of sun-bleached antlers. It's a great pop of color against all of the gorgeous grey.

A confetti of mini Union Jacks are a nice contrast to the soft patina of the antique wall of shutters.

What's that I see across the room in this beautiful London home? (That is after I pull my eyes away from that drop dead gorgeous mirror above the sofa - gimme!)

Offering the only color in this sublime seating area, the Union Jack rug is the star of the show.

A lone baby Union Jack brightens up a potting shed ...

Yep... yet another fabulous British Invasion.

I'll have a heaping helping, if you please!

What about you?
Got Jack?
photo credit: 1. Dan Marty Design, 2, 3 & 7 1st Option Representation 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Jllocations
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Helen said...

... how about 'All Hail The Queen!'

Millie said...

Wow Isa what a feast for the eyes -definitely my post of the week! All the images are fab, & yes, Jack's really never gone away in decorating, he's just too good.

Still being attached to Mother England's apron strings here in the Land Down Under, we have Jack in the top corner of our national flag. It will be kinda sad to see him go if & when we become a Republic.
Millie ^_^

Linda said...

Well I should have, after all I am a Queen ( last name) and also born in England. Love all the photos, eye candy!

abeachcotttage said...

great post, certainly eye candy, i love those old union jacks, shame how they seemed to just go out of life really...i would love to get my yhands on one of those vintage ones, even tho I am now in oz

nice inspiration


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hi Isa...we had friends staying with us from England a few years ago...as we drove around showing them the sites they said the one thing that was so different between here and there was how Americans are alwys flying USA flags...and that you never see Englanders flying their flag...just because.

Maybe times are a changing....

Great shots

niartist said...

I wish I had Jack! :( I love love love love love love this! And those Dan Marty chairs covered in the cotton duck union jack are just amazing! Oh to have a room where they'd ACTUALLY fit, AND the $3600 to buy one! :( Ah well - eventually - on merman island, I'll have a whole room of union jack furniture and pillows, with union jack roman shades, and union jack rugs - shoot, I might even get myself a jack from the union! :)

Mrs. Petrie said...

I always love to see Union Jack stuff in Living Etc. Nice compilation of photos.

vicki archer said...

Jack is fab! No doubt...have a wonderful weekend Isa, xv.

jerseygirl211 said...

Sorry Isa, no Jack in our house. But I do remember my Grandparents having one, don't know what happened to it. Their last name was Brittain, and if I remember correctly, someone gave it to my Grandfather as a joke. He was the Fire Cheif in our small town and the men under him were pranksters and always doing something to try to geat a 'rise' out of him. One day we woke up to his car having been painted a fire-engine red. My Grandfather didn't laught at that one. ;(


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I adore your posting. I was going to write about my love of "Jack" in a future post, as I have been fascinated with the flag since my teens. I love the Union Jack fridge by SMEG! The buntings of the Union Jack, a favorite. I even went as far as painting a wall behind our game room bar in "Jack". The photos you posted I have never seen. They are beautiful. My fav is the chaise. At got my wheels turning!
Thanks so much, I thoroughly enjoyed (:

red ticking said...

love love love this post... and your amazing blog..you too have a wonderful weekend...thanks for stopping by to say hi...

once in a blue moon... said...

you know i have been so busy i can't keep up with blogs, but i have this all wrong, if i was to come here first, my days would be softer and happier, your style always soothes me and leaves me relaxed and refreshed~

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

What a fantastic post! I've seen the Union Jack popping up in decor from time to time (especially in Brit magazine Living Etc) but it wasn't until I saw you put them all together that I realised just how popular they have become. Love the faded ones the most.

Horrors said...

I am looking for a Jack Chez and love the one in this blog. I think its lovely and I now know the style and look I want. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff! I linked this to my Royalty post too, for inspiration!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have been writing a series entitled Royal Wedding Wednesday since January and it has now culminated in a linky party.

This post is brilliant. Come link up and join in on the fun.