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05 June 2009

Order in the Court!

That's the mantra of the weekend here in the kingdom of Museville.
I'm really feeling the need for some order and structure - so I am seriously constructing a list and am being firm with myself about getting through it over the weekend.
This room is extremely appealing to me at this moment. It would be so nice to be enveloped within the calmness of that sort of symmetry.
At least for now.

Our little world has been spinning at an alarming speed lately as we hurl towards the end of school, both for my husband, who teaches, and my son who is taught! It's also the end of lacrosse season for boywonder, both in high school and traveling teams and with that the end of a 4 year journey with some of the most excellent people my family could have ever known.
My son's graduation is a mere 7 days away.

On the Museville front -- We're still "moving in" It seems like it's never going to wrap up! We've fought and slayed many dragons in these past months - electrical nightmares, plumbing issues - car issues - building, painting, you name it, we've done it. I wish I could say that I was actually finished with more things rather than finding myself merely knee-deep in way too many half finished projects --
it is
it is.
And seeing that my true nature really is more like this photo --

That order and structure isn't going to happen soon.

I continue to go with the flow -- play way too much, get caught in the moment more than I should - it keeps order and and structure a little out of reach -
for now. I really am going to make a concerted effort to have some things finished when the sun sets on the weekend.

It's all about balance - I'm still looking for it.
Enjoy the weekend!

photos by Helen Norman


Kimberly said...

Lovely post. I know where you are coming from!! With Boywonder graduating, I'm suprised you're functioning at all. My own Boywonder reduced me to tears yesterday, proclaiming, so happily that he is now a Senior!
I love the order in the picture, but like you I am very free spirited and order doesn't last long around here. :) KIM

Helen said...

... ah, symmetry. The lure, the promise of order. And maybe just a tad boring? I love reading about your life, the ups the downs and the in-betweens.

And I thank you for visiting me in my little part of the world. I love receiving your comments. Have fun celebrating the wonder of your boy!

donna baker said...

Oh Isa, you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing - living, which is what life is all about. It'll all get done.

Marlene said...

I love that room also...peaceful, orderly and so calming to the eye...I wish my house could stay this way...too many dogs and too many projects...ah...but it is what it is!!! have a wonderful day!

niartist said...

Ooooo - ok, FIRST, LOVE LOVE LOVE that first picture. That room is glorious. I am not a big fan of symmetry in my own house just because the placement of the architectural features don't allow for it ... the joys of being in a 100 year old home. Ehck! Anyway - BEAUTIFUL! I think that's gonna be my inspiration for a garden party ... ooo la la, I can't stop talking about it ... it's ... just ... so ... gorgoues ... and ... perfect ... and ... so ... me ... if ... I ... had ... my ... dream ... house ... instead ... of ... this .... stupid ... bungalow! And yes - you are queen ISA in my book, and that picture must have been snapped of you as a child. Me either in tow but out of lense or ahead clearing the path of on-lookers! :) Much lurve as you get back on task and hunker down with that to-do list!

vicki archer said...

I love that expression go with the flow....it's the only way, xv.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love the symmetry in the first photo. If you find the answer to balance let me know. That's always a struggle in our house. Have a great weekend.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Balance schmalance...put that newspaper crown back on your head...and run into the green fields. It'll all fall into place behind you.

Congrats to boywonder...sounds like you will be coming into your calm. That's where balance will start gracing your doorstep!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE that second photo... ohhh how wonderful to be young playing dress up!

Millie said...

Oh gosh Isa, I can so relate to those 3 words 'Half Finished Projects'. MOTH's been banned from starting ANYTHING ELSE until I see evidence of a least 2 completed tasks. I'm so over tripping over things started (mainly in the garden) & then left for another day (or year!). You'll find the balance in your own inimitable way.
Millie ^_^

Mary-Laure said...

Hope this weekend allows you to catch your breath!

Alicia said...

Don't forget to breathe.
I love the notion of order but then that pesky reality walks through the door & before you can say Ohm...everything is everywhere all at once.
Chaos comes from living not just in the moment but in living all the moments.
I guarantee you whomever lives in that house has a TON of things sitting right outside the doorframe in the next room...waiting to come back in the minute the last frame is taken.

Stacie Errera said...

Love that shot! Forget order. We should let go like our kids more often. We'd be less stressed and happier for sure. I am sure your calendar looks like mine--whew!

sinnlighet said...

Ohhhhh so lovely!!!

Best regards from me and Sweden

niartist said...

Oh TWIN! I'm so upset that blogger had your hands tied today! I know that any garden you would have shared would have been GORGEOUS! Of course - you take, find, and create the best pictures! :) I've been planting, but mostly sewing today! Yes - making slip covers for ugly, but FREE bentwood soda chairs. They're for my "Cote de Texas Inspired" tablescape Thursday! Stay tuned ... it's shaping up nicely! :)

Chrissy said...

Sounds like our house, Meg our daughter is doing the same, where does the time go?? Lovely post indeed, all the best,Chrissy

the wild raspberry said...

eeek. i'm longing for order in my home right now after being away for 5 days but instead i am on the computer playing catch up.
wish me luck. :)