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10 August 2009

Purple Mountain's Majesty...

More dreamy California for you
-- wine country style.
75 miles North of San Francisco, located at the gateway of wine country - sits this magnificent 640 acre "ranch".

There is the gorgeous main house --
glorious and perfect for entertaining.

The quintessential Sonoma home.

One of several residential buildings on the property - did I mention that before? Besides the main house, there is the summer house (or guest house), the cabin, the art studio, and a barn ... and of course, this picture perfect pool.

Faerie tale grounds that are situated in redwood forests, oaks

with glorious mountain views

Words truly fall short in trying to describe this sort of natural beauty.

Very short.

The barn -- known as the "hobby barn" is 2 levels with a bath, "and is surrounded by a terraced amphitheater garden that supplies an abundance of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to the ranch."

Nestled down in the redwood grove of the ranch, you'll find "the cabin". Rustic and romantic, the redwood and Douglas Fir cabin was originally built in the 40s and was later renovated in the late 90s.

Perfect for a weekend guest, there is a wood burning stove, a small kitchen, and what ever guest needs -- an indoor/outdoor stereo system... all the creature comforts of home, right?

600 square feet of comfort and joy.

For a larger number of guests - there is the summer house --

The Victorian style guest house offers stunning mountain and vineyard valley views - and like the rest of the ranch -- total comfort.

A full kitchen...

and 4 sweet bedrooms. ... Are you ready to come visit, yet?

For close friends that visit often - or for a little getaway yourself, close to the Main house is the little Art Studio.

My teenager would claim this immediately as his own.

Since there are so many other guest houses on the property, I'd probably give in to his wishes.

Lovely beyond words - this little paradise in California wine country - the "American Tuscany" happens to be for sale...

I could definitely get used to this ride home...
yes, indeed.

property and photos through Sotherbys.


Naz said...

Simply charming.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

oh my. I'll take all of them.


gina said...

We're moving back home to Northern California in three weeks. These photos make my heart skip a beat. Thank you so much for sharing this breathtaking beauty!

Greet said...

I'm very pleased to have discovered your blog! Beautiful!

Belgian Pearls

donna baker said...

I'll be in LaJolla for a wedding next week. If we rent a car, I am going to drive north along the coast and have a looksee.

Chrissy said...

So thats how the other half lives!!! Lovely photos,such luxury! All the bes,Chrissy

Blue Muse said...

Oh Donna, the area in these photos are over 700 miles North of La Jolla! but I'm only 15 or so! =)

Karen Deborah said...

and the price tag is? how many millions?

Draffin Bears said...

What a beautiful place, lovely photos.

Blue Muse said...

Karen Deborah -- I wish I could tell you. It's not listed. It's one of those "contact us with a request for the price" listings. I couldn't even venture a guess.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

So much beauty! I loved seeing nature's beauty and man's beauty combined. What a wonderful place. You buy it; I'll visit!! laurie

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

So much beauty! I loved seeing nature's beauty and man's beauty combined. What a wonderful place. You buy it; I'll visit!! laurie

Regina said...

These are awesome!

Fifi Flowers said...

FAB place... I want to go there!!!

INV said...

lovely photos...lovely places