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09 May 2010

Simply put...

I received this card today and laughed so hard that I cried. I have no idea why -
it happened hit me just right - something silly.
It's been a long road of all work and no play. A long time of it.
It felt great to laugh like that.

Joy. Simple, perfect joy.

The best present I could ever receive on Mother's Day -- or any day for that matter.

Much joy and love to all the Mother's out there.
...Peace and cute shoes, too.
xo Isa


vicki archer said...

Much peace and many cute shoes to you too Isa...xv

Karen Deborah said...

that card is cute! Happy mothers day to you!

niartist said...

Happy Mother's Day TWIN!!! I've lost my phone again! URGH! I'm off tomorrow tho, and will attempt to find it. Lord only knows where it is. Miss you! (Read my blog before we talk - I've been under a lot of stress and been dealing with a crazy deadlier and bigger than any we've ever known!!!)

Helen said...

I bought a pair of parrot green boots for summer wear yesterday ~ what a timely post yours was. Have a lovely week, Isa.

Renae said...

No matter how old we are, we want cute shoes!

Emom said...


The Antiques Diva™ said...

I hear you... I feel like I've been burning the candle at both ends. You know it's a bad week when it's only Wednesday morning and it feels like Friday afternoon! A good chuckle is just what I need!

lighting said...

They all look like they need cute shoes to make them smile. What a fun card, I would have laughed like you.

the polished pebble said...

Isa, I love the handbags more!

kelley : )

Deborah said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day, Isa. I wanted to check with you about Milo...you are next on the list. Are you still interested in doing a photo shoot with him? I know how crazy-busy you are, so no worries if you can't.
**kisskiss** Deb

A.J. at NighBluey Herald said...

I agree entirely, Isa! It's a super card and as a lover of shoes, I support the sentiment! oxox from Canada

sharon said...

Just found you via Google images! What a beautiful blog you have, love this picture, just the sort of card I would love to receive. Put you straight on my blog roll.

Helen said...

I'm with you on the shoes! World peace may be a little harder to come by! Enjoy this week, Isa!

Willow Decor said...

love the photo!! Will email you!!

La Petite Gallery said...

I will never be too old to shop
for shoes or drool over what I used to wear. Peace and Happines. Enjoy the summer.
I put you on my sidebar