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23 January 2009

Songs of the Sea...

The Princess of the Tides

I love this photo featured on Tongue in Cheek that Corey Amaro shot of her niece. It's so otherworldly and gorgeous. Bejeweled in a crown of seaweed pods, sand and coral - the enchanting ocean sprite emulates all things beautiful and mysterious which live hidden deep beneath the surface of the sea, away from the every day world of the mundane.


niartist said...

You know I made that shell mirror for Allison for Christmas, right? I need to get on the accessorizing of that area so I can blog about it. I understand the thought that this stuff can go south real quick. I think you have to limit the indulgence of it. One great mirror, or one beautiful pair of sconces or chandelier is enough to make a room. Too much, and it looks like those outer banks hoity-toity stores! LOL! ;) I've been thinking about that mediterranean sea thing, and you know - it has my mind wrapped all around Greece. The bright whites, along with the sunwashed oranges and yellows? Lovely, but stark. Stark, but lovely - I suppose what angle you view from. LOL! Did any of this make sense? It's piece meal I know.

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

What a beautiful post.... the picture of the little sea princess....is so wonderful!! Wow! ..and I do just love some of the items you chose ... the mirror captured my attention! ~Cheryl

Blue Muse said...

I'd love to see the mirror, Artie :) Don't worry about being all over the place, I am too. Shell accessories aren't my thing, but I thought those were really interesting and went well with the photos of Corey's niece and made a nice story LOL.

Hi Cheryl!
Isn't that picture wonderful?! You should follow the link and read the story of that day, it's really wonderful.

I have to confess -- I have huge resistance to shell accessories. Maybe it's from living at the beach all my life (well, ok, only in the summers when I was a kid in VA and NC) but it just wasn't a local attraction. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it's just not my personal taste as far as accessorizing my home. Now, that being said - I am an artist, and I do appreciate creativity and artistry, and I thought these pieces, in that regard were extremely beautiful. Just not something to hang in my house. =) But perfect for the fantasy sea princess home under the sea.

jerseygirl211 said...

I have to laugh.....

When my DH and I went out for dinner for our anniversary the other night, he had a plate of mussels. As he ate them and piled the empty, black shells up on a plate, I started playing with them, making designs on the table. My head was full of ideas of how I could put them to use.

I used shells to decorate the mirror in our guest bathroom. It was a fun thing to do. I love the stories I've read over the years about how sailors would pass their time at sea, making beautiful treasures for their loved ones.

Now that I think about it, I've used shells or shell pictures in a few rooms in our house. There are some on a shelf, right above my head along with a shorebird, here in the office. Guess you can say, I just like shells. :)


once in a blue moon... said...

i like coming here and enjoying your picture stories, just a little mind drift, i love it!

Terri said...

Hi Isa - you won the Domino subscription! Congratulations! I have sent you an email.

Beautiful post - what lovely photos. I am loving your musical selections. Hope all is well!

xo Terri

Helen said...

What an incredible post ... the photos of Corey's are like nothing I've seen before.... and the shell pieces amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh! I immediatley recognized the sea urchin (well...couldn't tell you RIGHT off who it was...but knew I had seen it and was memzmorized by her)

The other pieces are lovely.

I find gifts from the sea all of the time...walk it daily, and will usually pick up something that moves me. Then the question is...what to do with all of these beautimous treasures?

I did, several years ago craft a mirror with kids and their friends. It stayed in our bathroom for years...then we moved. And it stayed with the house.

Now I fnd the gifts from the sea all over my house...kinda nonchalant...kinda crazy. They'll find a purpose again...I am sure.

Lovely post!

Naz said...



Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a gorgeous face on that little mermaid!!