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25 January 2009

The Writing is on the Wall...

So... the wheels are turning, the process is in motion - I've been in the beach shack for almost 4 months, and finally am in sync with it.

Sometimes it takes a while to get to know your house.

Now that we seem to be on the same page with one another -- me and my little house, the makeover seems much more realistic and doable, and more importantly, it's moved from stressful and frustrating back to fun.

Welcome back ye ole' creative flow -- how I have missed you lately.

While perusing magazines, blogs, the internet, friend's houses, looking for inspiration for my kitchen, specifically open shelving examples (before I came to terms with my tiny kitchen), I came across photos of chef Tyler Florence's kitchen -- Yum, right?

and the other side of the room is really fun -- his blackboard wall - the drawings and lettering were inspired by Parisian outdoor blackboard menus.
Love it.

The whole Blackboard thing was something I loved and did before, and hadn't thought about it for this house -- until now, so I started revisiting the idea, and begain adding more pictures and notes to yet another inspiration file on my poor overloaded computer. I swear that I can hear it groan loudly each time I let out a happy little sigh as I find yet another gorgeous inspiration to save.
Speaking of which, check out the band of blackboard paint in this dining room in San Francisco --

I'm sort of loving this idea -- poetry or some favorite passage from a book, or quotes - it seems like great fun to me, and lends itself to an atmosphere conducive to thought provoking, enjoyable dinner parties, and interesting everyday meals.

Nothing like starting your day out with a little inspiration, or maybe knowing what's on the menu

My dining room is too small and there isn't enough solid wall flow to pull this off as elegant, it would look too kitchy and themey in my house.

... That doesn't mean, however, that I can't have something like that -- Enter project 543,654,654 1/2.

My goal this week is to find a huge ornate frame -- something in the lines of this --

...if frame shopping isn't successful -I'll buy a 6 foot sheet of plywood some good old Moulding and trim -- something like this - nice and big -- and ornate -
And of course ... I'll need blackboard paint...
To be (happily) continued.


Cathy Louise said...

Black boards are amazing!!! I painted one in my daughters room that takes up one of her walls that was originally all timber and it looks very cool...Lovely images!!! Take care C xx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I do love this idea, and I love the photos of that kitchen. It looks like a kitchen one could really enjoy cooking in!!

Terri said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the blackboard project. I have been meaning to make one for a while now. The only problem is chalk dust. I think it would drive me mad. :)

Great photos you've found - I LOVE Tyler Florence so it was a treat to see his kitchen. And also that groovy chalk board in the dining room. WOW!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yes! Blackboard paint. Sooo worth the 10 bucks! That kitchen wall is so GREAT!! You will find the perfect frame. I know it.

One of my faves is a friends...on the soffit over the kitchen cabinet. see it here...

I have a couple of walls and doors painted in my kitchen. Only prob is...I can never erase them! Either I need the number...or I like the original. So sad.


Helen said...

I have a small dining room too, not enough space for the charming blackboard ... but I simply must find a way to incorporate at least a little of that look some place in my townhome!

breathing in the dreaming world said...

Thank you for the wonderful post on blackboards, I'm also inspired by the mass of simple ivory candles.
Your blog is gorgeous! I've added you to my list of favorite blogs.

Sea Angels said...

Yes Yes Yes, you can't go wrong it will look fantastic, I so like the idea of a changing place somewhere to doodle, or to leave 'love', or 'sorry' messages, this will be super fun .
Thankyou so much for your lovely comments too, ahh yes I would love a bed outdoors, with mosquito nets and cool linen sheets...
Hugs Lynn

ness lockyer said...

I love the blackboard idea. We want to put a big one in when we re-do the Kitchen. All I can see though is from waist height to the ground would be a mess of scribbles from our 4.6 and 2.4yr olds, and some lovely calligraphy and the shopping list up top...to be decided...good luck with yours.
Ness xx

vicki archer said...

These are gorgeous images Isa - i love that dining room with the chalk board walls, what fun. Happy renovating, xv.

once in a blue moon... said...

wow what a fantastic idea! we built our house 20 years ago, its like we are back in the dark ages...

super creative idea you can change with the wind~