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09 February 2009

The Garden of Eden

Elements essential in Museville

-a climbing rose -
ingredients of simple perfection in the yard to me.

The shade of an ancient olive tree
Soft dappled sunlight warming crushed river rocks
The perfect setting for lunch with friends


olive branches
creeping fig
a touch of purple
a seat for two to watch the sun set

Torrey Pines
Sultry sea air
the warm glow of candlelight
and dinner under the stars.

It doesn't get much better.
Photos: John Saladino website


once in a blue moon... said...

you are right it doesn't get much better. the garden is my siren, it calls me so deep in my soul... every pic is perfect.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

those are very stirring pics...I love each one. I like what blue moon said. Ditto!!

niartist said...

you left out three VERY important pieces. ME, first - and MOST IMPORTANT, and then Mermen and pina colada's! LOL!!!

The Bliss Journey said...

Places to nurture your soul, where time stands still and the wind whispers a gentle calling.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

That first photo looks like paradise to me!

Cindy J. said...

My what beautiful posts, amazing comments. All around inspiration.

Naz said...

Such beautiful places to escape to especially this time of year.

Helen said...

I sit at my computer and practically drool over your photos .....