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10 February 2009

Back to the Salt Mines

No more lounging around in fantastical destinations
photo courtesy of Marie Claire Maison

The 3 day torrent of storms with the sideways rain has ended
The clouds have parted

That means
salt mines
Back to the grunt work of the exterior of Museville for me.

The break from it all
it lasted
See you after the painting is complete!


niartist said...


once in a blue moon... said...

the salt mines never looked so good~

Cyndee Greene said...

Your beds are always so dreamy...definitely is inspiring some ideas for my bedroom...
And imagine what it will be like when you emerge from the salt mines...

Helen said...

Hope you don't mind ... I placed the photo of the gauzy bedroom in my inspiration folder ... I have to re-paint my bedroom ~ Soon. Unfortunately I thought I was using the correct paint can while doing a few repairs/touchups and realized when it dried - I had used the wrong paint! NOW I must paint at least two walls - so I may as well paint all four. I am going for the grey/muted stone/look color that your photos showcase so beautifully ... wish me luck! Of course that means new bedding (like the bedding in the gauzy photo.) I already have a wall of windows/door covered with mosquite netting panels. Totally private back yard - good for me, no peeping toms.

jerseygirl211 said...

It's amazing what's around when we view the other blogs. I find something I like on one and then find another great decorating idea the next day on another. I think I'm spending too much time looking at these blogs and I'm not taking care of what I already have. :(


Cindy J. said...

Sheer magic!

Sea Angels said...

But !!! your salt mines have silver and are bejewelled with your divine ideas, hopes and dreams.....
Say no more...ha ha
Glad the rain has gone we all need the rest now and again.
Sweet mining
Hugs Lynn xx

Country French Antiques said...

Just love coming here.
Do we have to go to work??

I wish you would put a feed on your blog so I could subscribe via eamil :)

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your mr linky link and really enjoyed visiting your space today full of all kinds of creative inspiration.

Thank you for sharing all these beautiful images with us all. Currently sitting here surrounded by packing boxes in preparation for a move and appreciate all the ideas on making a new condo a home.