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06 February 2009

Little Surprises ...

I was completely mesmerized by the artistic photographs featured on a recent post over at Beachbungalow8 , so, wanting more, I followed the link to the world of James Merrell -- and what a world it is.

Prisoners to the rain and cold last night, we nestled deep into the velvet and down of the sofa, donned in soft, thick socks to kept our feet toasty, Chinese food and hot tea pleased the taste buds and warmed our bones as we watched a Czech film, "Kolya". (which was very good!)
This photo very easily could have been the ad poster for the movie.

With all the recent attention, love, and talk about the juxtaposition of Rustic and Elegant (which makes me swoon and my knees go weak) within Interior Design lately - I got a huge kick out of these next two photos - expressing that sentiment ...in the extreme! Hee.

I think I'm in love with this photographer.

The light fixture shown above happens to be exactly what I am putting on the street side of the Garage/guesthouse - how fitting that it's on a shack in this photo, too. Pfft.

The reason I chose it was because it reminds me of the docks and the fish houses at the beach of my childhood - the old grey weathered clapboard buildings all had that same light fixture along the eaves and the netted sconces at the doors - softly illuminating the rustic railed wooden walkways that ran along these buildings, and emptied into the pier.

Ok, I have several projects that are waiting on me, so off I go.

Enjoy the weekend!
All photos by James Merrell


The Bliss Journey said...

Great pictures. I'm going to run over and check out his website.

once in a blue moon... said...

you are a heck of a muser, you know that right?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Such mood evoking photos!

That light will be perfect outside. Love the simple functionality of it!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Cyndee Greene said...

Well Isa...I love your blog SO much that I gave you an award...I know that I am new on the block & feel a little shy at doing this...but I couldn't pass up the opportunity....

niartist said...

Amazing - really. I thought I was juxtoposition king! LOL! Beautiful - I particularly love the bed on the porch! I'd move right in, err on ... the porch! :)

Blue Muse said...

Kathleen, you will love them!

Hi Jain! LOL thank you - I think. Pffft. I need to catch up with you about books! I need some new ones =) We should do a swap! xx

Liiiinda! I just love the one of the chair! I think I'll frame it and put it on my desk in an extremely chippy but ornate frame and put it on a mini easel! Moody is my middle name =) xo

Hi Cyndee! Thank you! I'm really touched! I'll come by and see you on your blog this afternoon! xo!

Twiiiiin. LOL your new address will be the shack with the pretty bed. Aren't they great?!

Ok, back to the salt mines for me. All work and no play - gets things done around here, since there aren't many days of this sort of focus! toodles~

jerseygirl211 said...

Hi Isa,

We have those lights on our detached, garage, I love them and have been looking for a larger one, we'd like one large one and two smaller ones, to illuminate each opening.

I'll have to go check out the blog you mentioned. Keep warm.


Helen said...

Hi there! What could be better than the image of a lush, down filled comforter, lovely old iron bed and huge soft pillows all staged in front of a log cabin that seems to be hanging on by a board/thread?

Maggie May said...

ooo i love your blog!! hello :)

Velvet and Linen said...

How incredibly charming, Isa!
I love the little house with the bed in front of it.
Thank you for sharing.


vicki archer said...

These are great images Isa - love the shack shot, xv.


Oh I love the house with the bed in front of it... did you take these?
I am enjoying your blog as well. xoxox Laura


thank you for sharing,..

breathing in the dreaming world said...

Another wonderful post!
Did I tell you I love your blog?
It's one of the best...

From This Moment to That said...

Wonderful...and thank you for introducing me to James Merrill...