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22 June 2009

The Gorgeous World of Michael Trapp

Casual Elegance at its finest.
Michael Trapp is a master.
His home sings the most lovely song -- the perfect combination of Antiques and Nature within the realm of Sophistication. Harmonious, serene, and earthy yet still elegant. Another favorite combination of mine.
All things that I love.

Joni Webb has featured Michael Trapp on her blog, Cote de Texas last Fall and you simply must go and read her (as always) eloquent feature and knowledgeable design perspective of this Antique Dealer, Landscape Architect and Renaissance Man.

I can't tell you about Michael Trapp from a Designer's view, I can only tell you how his spaces make me feel - fabulously connected and appreciative of the natural beauty of organic and aged.

The bounty and beauty of nature never looked so good --

Everything about this photo makes me swoon -- the aged, thick and rough hewn wood framing the window -- a beautiful testament to time and the elements is taken to a deeper love for me with the addition of the the filmy veil of weightless cloth which hangs ghost-like across the ancient window, incapable of hindering even the slight summer breeze that swirl lazily through the air.

Nothing fussy, nothing pristine - A rhapsody in Nature's finest work of stone, water, metal, and luscious green...

I could move right in as it is and not change a single thing -

Around every corner, behind each wall is something that takes my breath away.

If this property were a person, it would be my soul mate.

And I would gladly spend all my days with them.

Poor Tired Husband thinks it's a little strange, how much I love this place --

I say, how could you not be?

Everything about it invites you in and asks you to stay as long as you like - because it's comfortable to the body and soul -- and so beautiful that you want to linger and take it all in.

Waking up to the morning light in this room would make any one's day start off in the best and most beautiful way! I love all the textures -- it keeps it from being too 'white" and makes it so interesting

I couldn't ask for a more perfect spot to while away the afternoon hours reading or napping --

Art installations by the Grace of Mother Nature.

Beefy balusters serve as table legs - bringing the earthy and grounding element of the garden inside and serves as a lovely contrast against the feminine charm of the more delicate and sophisticated chairs.... and how about those windows?! oh be still my heart.

This room needs no words - it's beauty speaks for itself.

Lovely. Breakfast here each morning would be something I would never tire of -- The singing birds as background music, the leaves rustling slightly -- the warm sun softly embracing everyone and everything in its reach. Heaven.

Thank you Michael Trapp - for gifting the world with such a beautiful, beautiful space.
This is truly my dream home.

Happy Monday, world.
all photos from the website of Michael Trapp.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

His outdoor spaces are especially enchanting. Lovely.

Angie said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Gorgeous!

niartist said...

Oh those garden shots make mine look like something out of a cartoon book.

Helen said...

I had to laugh out loud at Artie's comment ... cartoon book? Not! What an awesome tour of Mr. Trapp's heaven on earth ....... thanks!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

well my dear...you have found a spectacular soulmate in a house!

erin's art and gardens said...

Oh Great! Now I will have to divorce my husband and marry that place! I am in love too! Love it all! Thankyou for sharing Michael Trapp's work. Love the "mother nature art installation"...now I know what to do with the 2 dead topiaries I saved from last summer which I spraypainted white...they will go into 2 crusty urns for the kitchen (whether hubby likes it or not, I'm divorcing him anyway...kidding dear) Thanks for sharing one of my photos yesterday. What a compliment! love your blog so much! Erin

Karen Deborah said...

wow yeah, what you said and what he did. sigh, it's gorgeous.

Alicia said...

I'd be living eternally in the gardens...it must be heaven!!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Trapp is tops in my book! I've been to his store three times already this year and one included a tour of his garden. Very much worth the drive to West Cornwall, CT. Once you have driven through the covered bridge, take the second left and you're there! If you would like my personal pictures of his garden, let me know.
G in CT

Blue Muse said...

G, you lucky man! I'd LOVE to see his place in person and shop at the store. Lucky, lucky, lucky. I'd love to see those pictures of yours =) Isachandler@gmail.com
xo Isa

judy aldridge said...

I'm so far from home right now--I really enjoyed spending a very long time on your blog! Thanks!

Leia said...

Such rustic, gorgeous images. Love!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I absolutely love his work, he's so creative! Thanks for the post, T

Nadine @ BDG said...

where do you find these great pics?!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

If that is not pefect imperfection I don't know what is!!! Can you imagine waking up to that every morning,ahhhh! Thanks,for that little slice of heaven,Chrissy

Velvet and Linen said...

Michael Trapp has a wonderful vision of the world.
Hope you are having a nice time in Santa Fe.

alice said...

These are MAGICAL!

Unknown said...

Just beautiful!!!!