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01 July 2009

There and Back Again...

Poor Tired Husband, safely held within his seat belt, slept next to me as I made my way through the darkness -- heading towards New Mexico. I had been mindlessly putting the miles behind us as the silver bullet's headlights burned an illuminated path through the black veil of night.

Dawn was knocking on the horizon, and wasn't about to wait for an invitation in. She flung the door wide open and arrived in all of her glory.

I was simply gobsmacked at what I was witnessing - it was so gorgeous that I fumbled around for my camera at the first sign of light-- Poor Tired Husband stirred -- I risked life and limb, driving down the 40 at 80 miles an hour, shooting these photos so you could see, too. Words cannot describe this sort of beauty.

It was the beginning of the day, and we were already in Phoenix.


Helping out an incredible Artist who's rep had gone rogue -- we were driving 1700 to retrieve and bring back her gorgeous Art -- and at the same time procuring stock for my store-to-be.

Little did I know the trip would also be a study in cloudscape and scenery -- views that would render me speechless - and grateful ... Grateful for living in such a gorgeous world.

With the sun well over the horizon and climbing its way up through the cerulean sky, we stopped to fill up the Silver Bullet and the most magnificent steel horse pointed us in the right direction to fill ourselves up on some fresh caffeine - we wanted to keep an endless supply coursing through our veins - a straight drive of 27 hours wasn't going to be an easy feat.

With the sun and heart rate up, we continued on our merry way. I have to say that I was amazed at the ever changing landscape -- within a matter of minutes it was as if we had traveled across hundreds of miles and into a different state entirely-- but the truth of the matter was there were drastic changes around every turn!

The desert turned to woods ... that became more and more lush by the second...

Windy roads and one of the best days for cloud watching ... ever.

Past Flagstaff, the pine trees were replaced by fields and flat top red rocks and the clouds hovered low like puffs of smoke lingering over the head of a pipe smoker.

Trains were many, and came through often, pulling long strings of cars - There is something romantic about trains - and these were beautiful. You couldn't have matched them better to the landscape if you tried.

Driving while looking through the lens of a camera -- multi-tasking, I say. ... and I'm still alive to say it.

Every two seconds it seems, I was trying to wake Poor Tired Husband up - he was missing so much beauty!

We were constantly trying to outrun the rain, and were in the lead --

Aren't these skies incredible?! You can click on all the photos to enlarge them.

This one looks like an oil painting (below) - I love that it's out of focus - I'm going to have this blown up and framed.

The sun would not be denied -- rain was not going to win this one.

The farther away from the hustle and bustle, the more I realized how little I have been paying attention to the simple things around me lately -

Like the Art show taking place in the sky above me.

These photos really can only capture part of what we were witnessing. Poor Tired Husband woke up to a good show.

And to scenery right out of a John Steinbeck book... I'm going to have to frame this one too (below) - and hang it in the shop-to-be!

Our trip was successful - we got what we came for. Loaded up the silver bullet and turned right around and headed back west. Back home. Relieved. Excited. And then the sky began another show - the opening act for the ride home couldn't have been more perfect. PTH, said that this was a sure sign that we were on the right road.. in more ways than one. I laughed out loud. I was waiting for the choir of Angels to begin singing.

I relinquished the wheel and between the thermos of coffee running out and the rhythm of the road -- I was lulled into sleep. The sky show continued without me, but saved some of the best for last

Dinner and a show - and only 850 miles to go to get back home...

I realized a lot on this little trip. One -- I'm too old for this sort of thing now 27 hours of driving in a 30 hour period- it has taken me days to recover. Two -- PTH and I don't spend enough alone time together - this was a huge reconnect without the distractions of teenagers, phones, computers - noise. It was wonderful in that regard. I could never have done this without him, and he made it fun. Three -- Not to take anything for granted. It's all worthy of appreciation and gratitude. I need to consciously spend more time living that thought.
And that concludes the trip to New Mexico.
... what was in the back of the silver bullet? Soon, my pretties, soon.
All photos by yours truly.


donna baker said...

Can't wait to see what you were transporting. NM and AZ are like another planet. Thanks for the pics. And, 27 hrs straight? You are true grit, Isa.

Blue Muse said...

Hi Donna!

It was insane. PTH and I traded off, and honestly, between Flagstaff and Phoenix, (to the east of Sedona) on the way back, I was ready to throw in the towel and call it quits, but we were on the 17 with not a hotel in sight so we just dug deep. We took a break and went up this windy dirt road, put the seats back, turned off the beast, opened the sunroof and I have to tell you - it was one of the most beautiful things, ever. We moved our party to the hood of the Silver bullet - exhausted, spent, and completely worn out, we laid against the windshield and stared into the most amazing night sky I have ever seen. You could clearly see the milky way and all the stars twinkled so brightly, and seemed so close that you could reach out and grab them. Around here, there is way too much light to EVER see anything like that in the sky -
We dug deep, hit the road again and carried on. NEVER again. Next trip that way is to Sedona, and staying at the L'Auberge. I have no idea what has gotten into us lately, but it all started with Museville....

the wild raspberry said...

great photos of incredible scenery...we have been blessed with such a beautiful earth.
have a wonderful 4th of july weekend.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh that was gorgeous! I loved hearing the excitement and just sense of awe in your voice! The music was a perfect accompaniment!

Yep...the skies are opening up for you dear Isa!

Helen said...

Dear Isa .... I have enjoyed your photos and word story immensely! thank you for sharing ..........

Cote de Texas said...

wow - what a wonderful post = such gorgeous pictures and they aren't blurred, unreal. makes me want to do that. but slower.

for the love of a house said...

That was an absolutely gorgeous post! I loved it. The photos were amazing and you brought back tons of memories of driving across the SW (just not at 27 hours straight!). Thank you for that. I agree, alone time in the car can be a gift! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure! Can't wait to see what you brought back.

Shell said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Hope you have a good weekend.

Millie said...

What couple of stars you guys are! That's one heck of a trip to do in such a short time. Even here in our big country, I'd think twice before embarking on that! Your pics are totally awesome Isa, I could gaze at those big fluffy clouds with the flat bottoms all day. Sedona & L'Auberge sounds just fine too me - now that's a trip I'd make even from across the great Pacific divide!
Millie ^_^

onceinabluemoon... said...

girl you have sooooooooo much talent from prose to pics! i am eager to see what you brought home too~ i love the wide open spaces and cloudscapes too, we take many vacations to those areas, soul stirring~

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what wonderful commentary and photos! Thank you for sharing that beautiful journey, albeit long one, with us.

Courtney said...

Thanks for sharing this post! I love the photos, your recounting of the trip, and what you brought out of it. It also reminded me of E & I driving from Texas to Colorado almost exactly three years ago; we drove for 17-hour straight hours (which seems like nothing compared to your 27!) and passed through part of New Mexico on our way.

We had our two dogs and no air-conditioning in his Jeep, so we had to make the drive mostly during the middle of the night. And I had never (successfully) driven stick shift before so I had a major crash course on the mostly deserted roads of northwest Texas in the wee hours of morning so E could catch a couple hours of sleep; I slept not at all because I felt guilty that he had to drive so much and then, come morning, it was too hot for me to get comfortable enough to sleep.

There was so much else to the trip, it could have easily been one from hell, but it actually remains a favorite memory of mine. I wish we could make it again with the same results, but I believe it was truly a one-time event for us (not to mention he now has air-conditioning in his car!) Thanks for reminding me of this memory; I hadn't thought on it in a while. xo