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22 October 2009

Good Company

I spent the day in LA yesterday - my first stop - The fabulous Framm & Company in Santa Monica to visit with Framm and her shop keeper, Lonnie, and to fill their shelves with my cross bottles. Everything about this shop makes my heart pound. Nestled underneath the canopy of a tree lined Main is the doorway to another world -
the beautiful world of Framm Phillips.

Framm's storefront.

"As the world speeds by us faster each day, it becomes harder to find that unusually brilliant object, that perfect surprise, that genuine article. Framm brings a lifetime of experience in clothing design involving vintage, antique, and modern fabrics to her latest venture. She has transformed her exquisite storefront studio on Main Street in Santa Monica, California. Now, walking into Framm and Company is like stepping through a portal into her imagination.

Immediately upon walking through the door, you know you are somewhere very special.

Antiques, Custom Furniture pieces, found objects, obscure art discoveries, collectibles, pillows that truly evoke the notion of dreaming, hand-made from her collection of old and new fabrics, these are the kinds of things you’ll find at Framm's.

Some of Framm's beautiful pieces.

Framm, herself, is a beautiful tapestry - rich in color and wonderfully unique - Born and raised in Eastern Connecticut, Framm studied Fine Art at the University of Connecticut. She then moved to NYC and attended the New York School of Design and the New York Sculpture Center. This while working in high fashion and advertising as a stylist for some of the most important photographers in the world. She moved to Los Angeles in 1978, continuing her studies with courses in color and design at UCLA.

The amazing crewel work on one of Framm's pillows.

Through those years, Framm developed a love for fine, collectible fabrics from the past. In 1980, incorporating her conception of Old Turned New, she created her first collection, and opened the sweetest little studio you ever saw, just around the corner from the 2667 Main Street space you’ll find Framm and Company today.

Totes by Framm - beautiful, isn't it?

Her clothing designs evoked impressions such as Opulence, Elegance, Whimsy, Ultra-Femininity, and always a hauntingly nostalgic beauty. One could always be assured of genuine one-of-a-kindness with a Framm original.

Through the looking glass. Brick walls, hardwood floors - so dreamy.

Framm’s work has appeared often in Movies and TV. Her dresses have made their way down the red carpet of many Award events, and major awards have been accepted by women wearing Framm designed gowns.

A fabulous antler and suede stool.

Her work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, and People. Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel’s, and other major stores have carried Framm originals."

I would LOVE to have this in my house!

There are so many originals in her shop that I wanted to carry home with me - The tiny shop is filled with treasure upon treasure - I could spend hours perusing it all... well, that is precisely what I did yesterday.

Antique wooden hat forms -- I put one of these on my list to Santa.

Piece after beautiful piece revealed itself - begging to be brought home. It was hard not to oblige... to ALL of it! Put a bed in the shop and I'll just move in. It is truly that special.

Antique shoe forms on iron stands.

It is almost like a living faerie tale within those vintage brick walls -- you can just see the cobbler making exquisite shoes... Can you tell this place is heaven on earth to me?

A sweet antique iron crib.

I have my eye on this beauty above for a prop in Greyfreth - wouldn't the crib be lovely stuffed with vintage grainsack pillows? ...another goody on my ever-growing list.

My new treasure.

I just couldn't leave empty handed, so this gorgeous working clock of found objects (of my favorite kinds) is the newest resident of Museville. It was just too difficult to resist!

So the next time you are up in Santa Monica, be sure to stop by Framm's. You will be oh, so glad that you did ... tell her Isa sent you!

Quoted material and photos courtesy of Framm's website.


vicki archer said...

Wish I could just pop in....Have a wonderful weekend Isa, xv.

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooh I will have to remember that place... FAB items!!!

Deborah said...

That clock is just too cute-cute. Delightful. I NEED that darling little chandelier.