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08 January 2010

Dancing With the Light...

While trying to stay true to my promise of slowing down this year, I was lazily putzing around Museville with coffee in hand as the morning sun peeked over the guest house roof and streamed into the dining room in the Main House - within minutes it traveled through a mountain of crystals and washed the walls in the most beautiful light show. I had to move quickly - I have a pile of things to photograph for the shop and I couldn't let this light go to waste ...

A few of the new antique bottles slated for Greyfreth Cross bottles and some yummy grain sacks.

Some Greyfreth goodies -- One of the grain sacks that just came in, an antique dough bowl and last season's hydrangeas from my garden, now dried.

As the sun elevated into the crisp cerulean sky, the light show inside increased dramatically.

I get so sidetracked from product shooting - the texture caught my full attention.

I am such a texture addict and this had my heart racing.

It was a very short window because the pepper tree would rain on this lovely parade with its enormous and very low canopy - blocking out much of this magical light. I sped through photo after photo, vignette after vignette, gorgeous item after gorgeous item -- all bathed in varying refractions from the prisms and the golden early morning light.

I love this shot - the cello is one of my most favorite possessions - and all the different light, texture and color that was in front of me... the beauty was overwhelming -- at least to me.

After uploading the photos, I decided to start playing with them (I told you I was easily distracted!)

Anyway - that was my morning fun - chasing the light and trying to cage it within the confines of my camera -- forever mine -- on film.

All of the Greyfreth goodies will be available online later this week.

Off into the day I go.
xo Isa

all photos taken by (me)


once in a blue moon... said...

what a glorious morn, i love love love your lighting! i know what you mean when you must dash to catch something that you fancy quickly before its lost for the day...

we have been in deep fog, visibility 100' for a few days, i forgot how pretty the sun could be ;-)

so many gorgeous things at museville~

BonjourRomance said...

LOvely photos, especially the black and white one with the cello - do you play? I love texture too, it can really change the whole look of a project.
Enjoy your weekend!

Helen said...

Such beauty ~ it overwhelms!

La Table De Nana said...

They are glorious..I love laying w/ photos..all these techniques are lovely!

Museville looks gorgeous to me.

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Isa,

I have called in often, but the first time I have left a comment. I really enjoy reading your blog and the pictures today look really beautiful. I love the cross bottles and all those grain sacks are absolutely stunning. Natural light into a room can make everything look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Take Care


Tasmania, Australia

Blue Creek Home said...

Oh Yummy!!! The subject matter is perfect, as is the light!

Ness Lockyer said...

Sweet Isa,
The light and the texture of the grain sacks was just gorgeous! and you know I am loving your Hydrangeas ;0)

Will have to visit your store later in the week and have a look at what you have. The sacks have me in.
Ness xx

Renae said...

I love that you capture your images so perfectly and then play for different textures. Do you play the 'cello?
I used to (actually have a degree in 'cello performance'). Love the grain sacks.

Marlene said...

Oh the textures always get me..thats why I love fabrics sooo much..I love the feel when I touch it and the feeling it gives me when I look at it...those grain sacks are just divine!!! love how you played the photos!! each one shows a diff texture..

Angie Muresan said...

It is all too beautiful, Isa! Really got to visit that shop!! My daughter is taking cello lessons.

Deborah said...

Beautiful beautiful photos! The lighting is fantastic. Again, I love the way you write...oooo so multi-talented! **kisskiss** Deb

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Beautiful, graceful, bouncing light, glorious. You.

smooch. From me!

Lovely Home said...

special light beautiful photos!