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10 January 2010

My Kind of Moody

Melancholic and dreamy - stone, crystal, metal, wood - muted - time worn and faded - Rustic Luxe - seriously my kind of wonderful -- the only thing I would want differently would be more natural light streaming in.
A lot more.

There is that dreaminess showcased in more light. Ahhhh.
...and they say if wishes were horses than dreamers would ride -- where's my horse?

Once a bakery, now a work/live space with her shop downstairs, Monique Meij-Beekman's home is stunning on its own -- but the magical eye of photographer Jan Luijk is just that - pure magic.
The lighting and the way the textures are captured make my heart race.

Speaking of racing hearts -- I love this reproduction of Winged Victory and wish that she were living in Museville ...

and when the headless winged beauty does moves in, I hope she brings that mirror with her.
xo Isa

photos of artist and interior designer, Monique Meij-Beekman's home by Jan Luijk as seen featured in Elle Decoration UK.
Winged Victory (Nike of Samothrace), attributed to Pythokritos, marble, 8' h, c. 200-190 B.C.
( Louvre, Paris)


Helen said...

Dear Isa,
Could there be a lovelier blog than yours? I don't think so.
Oh how I wish I had those photographic skills. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty.

shicat said...

Just lovely... ahhh

Country French Antiques said...

Just ADORE your blog.
Thanks for all the work!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Amen sista....I want to see the winged beauty in museville too. I believe I will. Yep.

donna baker said...

Let me know when you find the statue; I need one too.

bikim said...


Acorn Cottage said...

Makes me think of spring, when there is a misty rain outside, time for reading a lucious novel by candlelight, and time moving very slowly.


Anonymous said...

beautiful place... objects and colours stunning. Great find...

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Isa
Well this is me!! I can even take the lack of light occasionally.... little hermit I am.. hahaha

I just love this home... the first room is perfect with the wooden tables and leather couches... just perfect... I like that look of not having individual chairs too... looks more relaxing..

I think I will have to pour over this photography for a while, it is just beautiful... thanks for posting this for us all to share!!

Elise said...

Beautiful shots ! Thank you

Melanie said...

I happened upon your blog. Now, I visit it daily to see what beautiful things you are going to show me today. Thank you

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Isa, these pictures are just beautiful! Hope you have a great week and always enjoy when you stop by, T

The Antiques Diva™ said...

I think Helen said it all the 1st comment on this post, "Could there be a lovelier blog than yours? I don't think so."

Each time I pop over here it's visual therapy for my soul.

I do hope our paths cross in person someday - I think you'd be a remarkable peron to meet and get to know!

Happy New Years.

Aladdin's Cave keepster said...

I've know her house for quite some time now and it never bores me, quite the opposite! it makes me even more happier to know that it's there. I've started to design my own house just the same...can't get enough of it!!