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04 March 2011

Weekend Plans

should include some some lounging with coffee and some magazines in this heavenly spot...

My plans include filling up the online shelves over at Greyfreth, including the shelves in the brand new jewelry division! I am so pleased to announce the maiden voyage line -- extremely special pieces made with soulful, beautiful remnants, reliquary and natural treasures.

People say I work too much, but it isn't work to me when I am constantly surrounded by such beauty in the studio, in the show room or in my mind... and nothing can ever top the satisfaction of seeing a dream become reality. It is not work at all. It's a true pleasure.

Enjoy the weekend!
xo Isa


vicki archer said...

I agree about, 'work' Isa...I feel exactly the same....Enjoy your weekend, especially the lounging...xv.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Beautiful. Soulful sums up everything you touch, girl.

Emom said...

I hope your weekend has been fun...smiles

niartist said...

Absolutely gorgeous! GORGEOUS! So yummy!

Great work twin,

Moniki Moraes said...

Hi Isa, you have a beautiful blog!!

Cherry said...

The sofa with the snowy background is beyond words gorgeous....sigh.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great week!