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02 April 2011

The newest Museville residents

Because of the crazy weather here in what used to be constant sunny southern California, I have moved my work inside over at the studio for the time being. On nice days, which used to be most days of the year, I work under the pergola off the back of the studio, but with how unpredictable it's been, inside seemed better for now.

While inside, I keep the doors and windows open for ventilation because soldering isn't the healthiest of things - and sometimes I forget to to close the french door that leads to the pergola area out back, and it sometimes stays open all night... (I know, I know....)

So, the other day, I go into the studio and hear this low, very scary growling coming from under the sofa, or at least that general vicinity... followed by some faint, what seemed to be, mewing... I stopped in my tracks. My heart raced and I quickly backed up, and immediately exited stage left. WHY did I leave that door open?! Heaven knows what snuck in during the night! I went into auto-pilot and went to the house for some back up, a broom and some boots. (I had no idea what was going to jump out from under there and attack my leg!) I get brave in these situations that force you to act before thinking... when I have time to think, I am the world's biggest chicken!!

Poor Tired Husband and I quietly crept back into the studio, thinking we're going to be facing off with a raccoon - or worse... and then we see a pair of pointed ears in the far corner peeking out from behind a stack of wicker baskets.... moving in a little closer, we catch a glimpse of a beautiful face --that of a small, very young, mostly white calico cat - that sweet moment soon passed. what was touching for a fleeting moment, returned to what initially made the hair on the back of my neck stand up - that horrifying snarling and low, loud, threatening growling - the ears when back - the hair went up... and we stood there, frozen- hoping it was all the tricks of a puffer fish, and that she really wasn't going to attack us... she wouldn't ... would she?

Thankfully, the hissing, spitting, fur puffing, snarling and growling was, indeed all posturing. PTH lead the forward motion (I wanted to flee, but wasn't about to relinquish my studio to a 5 lb wild thing! We inched our way towards the feral acting feline. The poor thing was rail thin and scared. More inching and peeking revealed what she was guarding -- A pile of brand new kittens... Oh, boy. PTH, being a deprived cat person, and me, a total dog person, and never wanting cats had polar opposite reactions. He just found treasure, while I knew who was going to be the one that everything would fall on to take care of... and it wasn't the cat lover.

Momma cat let us closer and we tentatively reached out and surprisingly she let us pet her. (whew) I say we... but I was really a spectator. So, not feral - but perhaps a stray. A very beautiful, young, and painfully thin stray - with six... yes six... kittens.

What to do... well, first things first, we have to get them out of that crammed corner, give them safe housing, some food and clean water and then figure this out. I might not be a cat fan, but I am certainly not devoid of compassion.

PTH is put on house building duties while I run for emergency supplies. So at the end of Thursday, Momma and babies are in a clean box with soft flannel baby sheets - mom has much needed food and water and a house call from our neighbor the vet who came over to check her out. Diagnosis - surprisingly good health, but way too thin and dehydrated. We're on the case.

My two Huskies - Thing 1 and Thing 2 are very curious, and thankfully have no access to the studio unless we leave the yard gate of the main house and one of the doors of the studio open over there - I padlocked the gate so there will be no chance of an accidental meeting - leaving nothing to chance.

Here are a few shots of our new residents and latest distraction...

If it's not one thing... it's your mother. ... or a mother cat, in this case.

The story will continue.

xo Isa


donna baker said...

Oh Isa, I've been there so many times. Myself, a dog person too, but I really Love all animals. My favorite verse is from Alexander Pope's ESSAY ON MAN. "We are all part of the chain, whereby if one part is broken, the whole will fall." We have to help all creatures. Especially those with no voice. Cats are so sweet in their own way. I have a herd of feral cats in my barn that I couldn't keep spayed or neutered fast enough. They are now on birth control. I love them all. They can get pregnant very soon after giving birth so you'll have to get Momcat spayed. Bless you for taking care of them.

Karen Deborah said...

How sweet. I have always been a dog person too but I have to admit the cats have weaseled into my affections big time. It's nice your hubs likes cats actually sounds like loves cats, and your neighbor is a vet! Looks like that mama feline knew just where to park to change her life of hardship and hunger.
The babies are adorable and looks like mama kitty is a very pretty cat. when she gets filled out again she'll probably be lovely. Have you a name?
I sure relate to the boots and getting prepared. Our California years were full of opossums and skunks.

Helen said...

Dear Isa (and PTH too) .. you are performing the most humanitarin effort. My hat's off to you! The photos are incredibly sweet. Can't wait for the next chapter of 'kitty love.'

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Awww. A good omen.

ellen sweet moss said...

I just love your blog and the music is wonderful too.

ellen sweet moss said...

I just stumbled upon your wonderful blog! Looking forward to reading more. And your kitties are so sweet.
Ellen from Miami

Anonymous said...

Isa, you have a tender and gentle soul and Momma knew that and chose you and PTH and even Things 1&2. I haven't read Pope's Essay on Man but thanks to Donna's comment I will. Sarah in PTC

Fifi Flowers said...

OMGawd... look at those little furry faces!!! TOO CUTE!!!
How are you? Long time no visit... I know I am HORRIBLE!!! Hope all is FAB with you!!!