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16 July 2011

Beautifully Trapped Again...

Anyone who knows me, knows my profound love for the dreamy world of Michael Trapp.

So, imagine my joy when I received an email from Photographer Bruce Barone, entitled simply, "Thought you might enjoy these" with a link to a treasure trove of his photos that captured the gardens of Michael Trapp in stunning sepia...

... Bruce was so right, I loved them - and so will you.

The world of Michael Trapp, through the talented lens of Bruce Barone:

The simple yet elegant, classical, textured, timeworn, lovely world that it is.

Beauty that doesn't have to try too hard,
but yet
has been masterfully thought out
brought to life.

Living poetry that speaks straight to the soul.

Beauty which brings a sense of calm

One that lives and breathes grace.

It's definitely a world that I wish

The textures and play of light, which move me, are perfectly captured in these photos...

Definitely a love affair between beauty and the soul.

"Bruce Barone specializes in portrait, nature, and documentary photography.

He is also a published writer, art consultant
and gourmet cook. He loves family get-togethers,
and cats and dogs. And red wine.

That blurb makes me want to invite Bruce over to my next dinner party!
Thank you for introducing yourself and your beautiful photography to me, Bruce. I'm now your newest fan and follower.
You can find Bruce's beauty at his website and his blog.

Enjoy the day
xo Isa

Credits: All Photos in this post © Bruce Barone


Bruce Barone said...


What a wonderful surprise.

Thank You. You are always welcomed here for drinks and dinner. And maybe someday we will travel to be with you.

Average Girl aka Tracy said...

Beautiful, both in the artist that created it and the photographer who captured it!

vicki archer said...

Isa, these photographs are beautiful and I agree...living poetry....Hope all is well in your lovely world....xv

5th and State said...

oh kindred spirit, i too love all things michael trapp!

having had the opportunity to be in this garden mr baron beautifully captured the aura of this magical place i too can see setting myself right into

pve design said...

Stunning! We all need to surround ourselves with beauty and try to capture it. Bruce does both so well.
Thanks for sharing.

Helen said...

So worth emerging from my summer hiatus ... these images are stunning!!!
Love, Helen

Business logo design said...

What an awesomely inspiring post...Thanks a lot for this amazing post.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Lovely and soulful work, Bruce!! Thanks for the intro, Isa!