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01 August 2011

The Grey within...

I love the things that speak to the grey in me - that quiet, contemplative, moody and a little sad part of my soul that is an integral facet of who I am.

Gorgeous, soft, variegated shades of grey... my heart longs for this sort of beauty - from the dreamy rooftops of Paris to the quiet morning at the sea... France once again calls out to me...

The sea at a sunless dawn -- the first light - defused by clouds and enshrouded in a gentle, ethereal mist begins its dance along the crest of the silvery sea spray... The whinny of the noble and hauntingly beautiful horses of the Camargue join the lonesome call of the gulls
in the
grey sky.

The beauty is magnificent in its simplicity and pulls at all of my heartstrings... singing quiet love songs straight to that melancholic soul of mine.

Like waves before the wind, the quiet of the dawn fades, giving way to the strength of the day as it begins - as if they were one, hooves begin thundering like the crashing waves on the incoming tide.

Untamed, part of surroundings that are beautiful beyond measure, soft yet strong, wild and free -- it's everything that I want around me and everything that I love.

May all of our hearts beat so wild and free... if only for the day.

xo Isa

Credits: All photos are the work of Irene Suchocki


vicki archer said...

Yes Isa....wild and free...beating hearts....perfect.....Beautiful images.....xv

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Adore the photos and words..yes, i need to be wild and free like these beautiful horses!!

Bruce Barone said...

Yes. Wild. Free. Thank You for the inspiration!!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

OH! Those horses. My heart skipped a beat.

bee bon said...

what a great blog!
bee x

Helen said...

Whenever I am in need of an
'ah-ha' moment, I just come visit you.

Millie said...

Dear Sista of the Mysterious I need me some of that wild & free at the moment! Beautiful.
Millie x