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26 September 2011

September Shades of Grey...

The air is cool and you can make out the sultry, slightly briny perfume of the ocean as the breezes waft onto the shore here in our little village by the sea. The September sky is enshrouded in a fine veil of mist and the sounds are somewhat muffled by the marine layer. It's grey. It's quiet. It's decaying and tarnishing, but in the most spectacular ways.

It's the

Emulating that loveliness is the work of Rebecca Plotnick. Her photos celebrate the passing of time and the beauty created along the way.

The gates of Versailles now donned in layers of rust and tarnish -- a tapestry of texture and tones, making them, to me, even more beautiful as time passes.

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© Rebecca Plotnick

Stone in faded hues of grey make up this Parisian street, sidewalk and simple, but elegant buildings. A row of lanterns hang on wood from artisan scrolls of weathered iron, and everything is under the spell of Autumn -- soft and lovely under the skies of grey.

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© Rebecca Plotnick

Once vibrant, now more muted, the same tones are present within the 4 century old hall of mirrors - within the marble panels, the beautifully fading natural paints on plaster and the gilding -- all showing the magic woven slowly over time. The fire within the chandelier crystal stay true and add more and more gorgeous contrast as the other natural elements slowly fade.

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© Rebecca Plotnick

The cool Autumn air dances through the striking colors and stunning texture of the mane and coat of this noble steed. My favorite hues on my favorite creature - it's a beauty that the heart can hardly withstand.

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© Gorana Bumber

I hope that your weekend is filled with the beauty of Autumn and your heart, content.
xo isa

PHOTOS 1 - 3 BY REBECCA PLOTNICK -- used here with her written permission. Please do not pin, copy, or use without her permission which can be gained by writing her here: rebeccaplotnick@hotmail.com
All of Rebecca's work can be purchased at her shop HERE.


La Table De Nana said...

My heart is taking in the beauty of autumn with my camera and your photos:)
I wish upon a falling star..that all be well again by next autumn at the very least~

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Isa

Beautiful shots... just gorgeous

I thought those gates might be Versailles.. the memory is still sharp in my mind of both Versailles and the Parisian streets.. hard to let go...

I love your words of autumn .. we are in spring here but our weather is a bit topsy turvy.. hot days of summer one week and then raining and cold like today..

thanks for your kind words my way.. it hard to get back into day to day life... Take care and have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

vicki archer said...

Happy autumn to you too Isa....xv

cityfarmer said...

it's pristine here.
I'm starting to gather the elements ... white pumkins, broom corn and grasses.

wish we could grab our sweaters and go junkin together ...
I'll be in the shed this afternoon ...call me!!! ... I'm packing to ship!!

once in a blue moon said...

girl you are always so eloquent with your words and photos... this entire summer at the beach was nothing but swirling gray, visibilty 50', i too love all seasons, but my brain doesn't create and draw inspiration like you do. so its fun to come here. to open my mind and eyes more :) we both are visual, but we take away so much from each other~

Rhonda said...

Hi Isa,
It has been awhile since I came over so I did not know that you have been ill - sure hope your reports were good.
Your beautiful description of fall where you are makes me know that it will surely reach me in the deep South soon. We are still having much too-warm, muggy days.
I think of you every time that I look at my beautiful shell bottles...in fact I included a photo of them in my article for the holiday issue of Belle Inspiration, due out right before Thanksgiving.
I hope the Lord blesses and continues to heal you.

Jennelise said...

Gorgeous photos! I am finally ready for autumn - I had a hard time saying goodbye to summe but the other day the leaves were raining from the trees and the sun was shining and it was just so beautiful. Happy autumn!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Isn't it a glorious time of year?