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02 October 2011

October Beauty

...but not the kind you might have been expecting.

I love the women of Leonardo da Vinci. I have replicas of these drawings framed and hung in Museville. There is a benevolent beauty and a quiet grace to the women in his work. His technique is soft, his shading and creation and interplay of light in his drawings are genius. The light seemingly comes from within.

Woman's Head, Study Leonardo da Vinci c. 1470-1476

There is a reverence to these works that elicits an emotional response and brings calmness to me.

La Scapigliata - Head of a Young Woman Leonardo da Vinci c. 1490 - 1508

The entire day was enveloped in that feeling. October arrived with a subtle entrance. In usual circumstances, that is how things generally go around coastal southern California... but it's been a strange year. Today, however was picture perfect. Mild. Gentle. Beautiful. It was welcomed with open arms.

I did not get the news I had hoped for from my first look appointment. It seems my battle isn't over. Yet. I go into October with renewed resolve to simplify, do my best in everything and focus on the things that bring me true joy. Being a perfectionist, it isn't easy, but I vow to really know that my best, while far from perfect now, is good enough. Feels pretty freeing.

Happy October, happy everything.
xo isa


Bruce Barone said...

I, too, love these drawings.

Here, for your reading pleasure, my favorite October poem:


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear about your appointment. You must focus all of your energy on you...you are the most important item on your to do list. Who cares about all of the rest.

I do love the beautiful women, so lovely.

Be well, take care, my prayers are with you, elizabeth

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thinking of you tonight. The month of October, more than any other of the twelve, always seems like the month of new beginnings to me. I pray that for you this year. May you have the beautiful serenity of a da Vinci lady. xoxo.

helen tilston said...

The drawings are soothing and gentle and beautifully executed.

I have you in my prayers and as there are more than two gathered here, we ask for a complete cure for you.
Helen Tilston xx

vicki archer said...

Isa...these are beautiful women and your words...so gentle and composed....strike me as perfect. Please take care of you first and foremost.....thinking of you as always....xv

La Table De Nana said...

Your own words and thoughts remind me of those graceful tranquil beauties.
How wise of you to put yourself into a zone..of acceptance and trust.
I am taking your words in.
I am thinking of you..
Take care..
You know..you have a gift for writing.
I am wondering Isa..are you keeping a journal? It is amazing what one forget in a journey of healing.. Writing down what is happening..what is changing..what is getting better..what is not..what one hopes.. or is grateful for..
can be comforting and helpful.I find your words so well written..I thought I would ask..

I hope it's not an imposition:)Or too personal a thing to ask/suggest.

Sedef said...


Your blog is such a delight. I enjoy your visuals as well as the deep commentary. I wish you good luck with all my heart on your battle. You are creating such a positive energy and love here that the universe has to send it back to you somehow.

I have the first drawing framed as well, and feel exactly as you do. (I like it even better than his paintings)

Good Luck, Keep on Blogging and Remember you touch People's lives,


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Beautiful Isa...I have had those women framed since my college days. October is a beautiful month...today on my birthday I love to celebrate the month of change and transition.

The best to you in your fight. Sending peace and strength all at once!

Mélanie A. said...

Beautiful words and drawings .You are the most important thing , take care of yourself .
My prayers are with you

Acquired Objects said...

Leonardo da Vinci never fails to touch me we even have some of his drawings in our powder room...copies...lol.

I'm so sorry I didn't know you have been ill. I hope your journey is a short and swift one. I wish you well.


donna baker said...

Isa, I have been out of the loop this past two months and don't know what is going on in your life. Love you.

once in a blue moon said...

i am praying for you, i am glad you have beauty surrounding you, to calm you, to open your soul to the healing words of others and from within...

red ticking said...

lovely........... xoxo

LaPouyette said...

Beautiful drawings, very gentle, serene and peaceful!
Actually I love all Michelangelo,s drawings, there is always something special in it.

I've learned that you're waiting for good and positive news, health-wise?
And I do hope that the result will be 'negative'.
I know what you mean by being a perfectionist, struggling my whole life with it. A lot of us strive for perfection, but no one can ever achieve it. We only can try to aim for hundred percent to achieve eventually 80 percent. And to give our best whatever we do. That's my philosophy.

Yes, focus on your energy, stay optimistic and try to think as much as possible positive.

Take care, warmest greetings,

And thank you very much for your nice comments.
Sorry about my English...

Anonymous said...

Time is the alembic that turns what we know into mystery..... we follow a sequence of scents as complex as the music, I found this key hidden in a secret draw attached to it was a tiny little scroll it led me to a passage, of scatterd rose petals everywhere, i am amazed at what you can do in this mystical place called wonderland...

I stumbled upon your blog and this is how i express how i feel about your blog absolutely beautiful!! hang in there, Be strong, take care of yourself first and foremost,you are loved and wishing for you a positive outcome!! lisa

Anonymous said...

beautiful sepia drawings...da Vinci is amazing...

Anonymous said...

We put more demands on ourselves than others do. I've gotten to the point I now think trying to achieve perfection isn't what life is supposed to be all about.

Your in my prayers for strength,calm and good health.


for the love of a house said...

dear Isa,
prayers, and more prayers.

you are in my thoughts,

bedroom chandeliers said...

i wish you the best of luck in your fight and hope pictures like these can help up find the calm and strength to achieve success