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03 September 2011

Summer's End...

"Now as the nights grow longer and the season shifts
I look to my sorrowful wife
Who is quietly tending her flowers..." -- Nick Cave

In the last throes of summer.

As friends lament over the long days of summer coming to an end, I feel a quiet joy. Truth be told, that short breath between summer's end and Autumn's full arrival is my favorite time of year. Melancholic, but lovely as subtle replaces energetic --the crowds thin out along the 101, the beaches are slowly emptying, and as the sun rises on these upcoming days, my morning walks will soon be solitary and peaceful. The quiet nuances by the sea, which have been drowned out by summer's gaiety, will be audible once again, and oh so lovely. The golden grasses sway in the soft sea air, reflective and beautiful.
There is something magical in the air during this shift of season.

Soon, the hydrangeas will begin to slowly fade to a quiet sort of beauty,
the air will begin to cool, and the soul quiets...
as we say our long
goodbyes within our hearts
to another

xo isa

photo source: unknown


vicki archer said...

I always feel that the end of summer is a melancholy time...but one that soon passes as autumn kicks in and winter approaches... I loved your description Isa....xv

Helen said...

Dear Isa,
This is so lovely ....

Deborah said...

So beautiful, Isa. I hope to be back blogging soon and explain my absence. Life IS bittersweet. **kisskiss** Deb

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

...Gorgeous...yet even more subtle in our 90 plus degree stiffling reminder...of not. Quite. YET.

But adore your words...um hm. Adore.