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11 February 2009

Le Presbytere St.Luce


The sultry wontons
quietly lure me
the places
my heart's

This is most definitely one of those places.

For a thousand years, since the 11th century, high on a clifftop in the South of France, Chapelle Sainte-Luce has stood in silent vigil, with breathtakingly beautiful views over the small village of Les Taillades.

Once the Chapel to the medieval village below, the 11th century rectory no longer serves that purpose.

But, unlike here in the States, where the old is torn down to make way for the new, this divine house of antiquity has been restored and is in loving use --

Let's take a peek

There are two main living areas

There is a fireplace to warm you, if this gorgeous wash of sunlight doesn't do the trick.

Can you imagine curling up with book and cup of coffee here?
I'd furnish the place completely differently, but I'm so in love with the house itself, the history, the location and the views that I could be happy with nothing more than a hammock! (for a while at least)

It's hard for me to really grasp the fact that these walls are 1000 years old -

The kitchen, while staying true architecturally to its antiquity, has the perfect addition of modern conveniences.

Be still my heart
in its

The natural light is unbelievable and provides a warmth no light fixture ever could.

The master bedroom offers stunning views of the Luberon National Park below

...can you imagine how gorgeous this would be if one of you Interior Designers worked your magic in here? I don't think my heart could take it.

The views from every room are just unreal-

The sweet 'top' bedroom, in addition to its view and charm, also has a door to the rooftop terrace.

In a home built recently, I wouldn't like this at all, but as I said - with an 11th century restored chapel and grounds - I wouldn't need much else.

And then there is what the owner's call the "Moroccan" room with it's heart-stopping views - can you imagine seeing that view each morning when you awoke?!

That view looks like a painting!

I just love all that natural light. I know I said I didn't need much, but I can only imagine if John Saladino got his hands on this place...

As if all of this wasn't enough - there are the delicious courtyards

and of course, what is an 11th century piece of heaven without Fig trees and grapevines?

The rooftop terrace waits for you like an old friend...

Offering simple comfort and indescribable views

that make the heart sing

and the soul sigh
with pure
utter delight

Heaven on Earth.
...to me, anyway.
photos: Rebbecca Du Pont


Cindy J. said...

Truly Divine....

once in a blue moon... said...

love the little getaways you provide. oh to languish on the roof and enjoy...

Cyndee Greene said...

Let's go.... :)

Helen said...

Perfection in simplicity .....

niartist said...

And to me too, when are we leaving?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

{deep contented sigh...}

Heaven on Earth indeed!

Southern Girl said...

Your blog never ceases to delight...I never know where I'm going when I click over...

Linda Carswell said...

The South of France is so absolutely amazing, I have been several times and always long to return

jerseygirl211 said...


I think maybe you lived here on earth once before, in earlier times. Your heart and soul seem to be 'one' with with settings, such as these, that you've been sharing with us. Another great post.


Kierstin Bridger said...

The sheer volume of photos...made me feel like i took the trip! My passport is humming right now!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

really beautiful. thank you.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hey Girly girl...I have some candy for ya on my blog.....come see!

Cote de Texas said...

so gorgeous!!!!!!! I love this place - can you imagine living there? must be heaven.

thanks so much for your comment tonight!


Alannah Ryane said...

I awoke from a dream about an old brick rooftop garden that I could enter through an old medieval door in a building that was now an apartment/office. So started searching through images and found your Beautiful blog..which led me to other beautiful blogs and all from Europe where I am going to shoot two docs one in France and one in Ireland as soon as I get sponsorship and financing... very inspiring.

Forester Frothingham said...

I was frollicking through the fields by my country manor one gorgeously sunny afternoon when I had a sudden burst of inspiration to see the world and all it holds for me. I was overwhelmed with pure delight and decided I wanted to go to France. I stumbled upon your blog as I did a fallen log blocking my trail that I was covorting on in the woods. I think I shall one day visit this sublime area and enjoy the same nirvana that cosumes your soul. Thank you for such an inspiring blog.