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13 October 2009

The Madness of Museville

Inside and Out, Museville is still torn up.

The Inside Scoop:

I have been shopping for antique globes - big ones, small ones, and everything in between for the shop, but they don't seem to make it out of my house... I know.. I'm so bad - but they are so beautiful. I even have Artie shopping for them for me in NY! My top addiction at the moment.

I even found them in pieces of jewelry - isn't this so cute? I found it at Trace Ellements.

Poor Tired Husband and I are going back and forth on the dental moulding I want - he thinks that it's too overwhelming, but I think it's fabulous. Here is the photo on my wish list bulletin board - it's my original inspiration - ancient sandstone dental moulding in Jordan! Gorgeous, isn't it?

For now, all the old, boring moulding has been pulled down and we're on "hold" while I convince PTH that he will love the moulding I have in mind ... la la la.

Still sorting through pots, urns, olive pots - what is staying inside and what is going outside - what's in the main house and what goes to the guest house - anything for greyfreth? - and I've changed my mind a zillion times... and will do many more times, I'm sure.

My dining room table top hasn't been seen in months because it has been covered in cross bottles from the greyfreth inventory overflow (albeit beautiful overflow) so the shed has now been designated as the new cross bottle overflow storage... for now - so I have THAT to do, too. Clear out, paint, re-shelf - and then stock. But, I see an empty tabletop in my future!

Greyfreth Cross bottles featured in a DMD ad as seen in Coast Magazine Oct03

The Outside Scoop:

I am putting in my winter garden and only have the plans - but hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Kale, Cauliflower, broccoli, snap peas, garlic chives, leeks, mustard greens, edible flowers, lettuces and endive.... In theory it sounds fabulous - let's see if I have time to make it a reality this year.

The circular walkway that leads from the driveway (by the guest house and by the main house) to the Main House front door is being jack hammered out and replaced with pea gravel to meander through the newly planted (and soon to be planted) lovelies (pictures soon!) The olive trees finally made it out of the pots and into the ground - much to their utter delight.

And then there is the little retaining wall around the flower beds at the front of the house that need to be torn down and rebuilt to look like this one:

And there is still the outdoor dining room, the living room painting ... the list goes on and on! Who knew that a move would cause THIS much chaos for this LONG? It's okay. I'll organize the projects and start posting as we move through each one of them. They are fun ones and will make a big difference on how things look around here.
Stay tuned!


Angie Muresan said...

If your blog would be an actual living space, I would never want to leave. I love it!

Blue Muse said...

Well, it sort of is, Angie! You can come live in Museville, too - the guest house is almost done -- but I think you may have to wrestle boy wonder for it... LOL.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I love Angie's comment.. so true!
And I also love all those globes.. there would never leave my house either! Julie

Greet said...

The globes are wonderful and that also that jar I love a lot!


Mary-Laure said...

I love old globes and maps. They're really magical.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

It is all magical....in every shape and form! Your garden sounds delish! Your grouping of bottles must be gorgeous all grouped...wish I could have 15 of them!

It's coming Isa Girl...It's coming!

Tracey said...

WOW you sure have been busy! It all sounds so fabulous...I can't wait to see that incredible moulding, we just have the plain old boring kind!

:) T

Sarah said...

Love the plans for your winter garden. I hope you'll share photos when all is planted. Love the globes!

Marlene said...

Oh I love old old globes also..found one not too long ago in an estate sale it sold as I brought it into the booth..it never touched the ground...I wanted to keep it sooo bad...but my house is overflowing...with things I love and projects waiting to be done..I went to a fair in Nipomo ca..and a vendor had 2 of them...gorgeous...

vicki archer said...

I think I would like a globe too.....xv

Inspired Comblogulations said...

You poor dear, I am sure you will have everything in tip top shape soon... it just takes time to get the garden in order... You do have so many lovely's to admire until then...I just love the globes and bottle collection. You have a beautiful blog Isa and so many to compliment you on a job well done! Your talents are so many and I am sure well deserved. Keep up the charm of it all after all it is your world!!

Millie said...

Oh dear Sister of the Mysterious, poor DH & MOTH shoud compare their current 'To Do For Loving Wife' lists. I reckon they'd be neck & neck at about 250 pending jobs!!
Millie ^_^

nannykim at spindle cottage said...

Kale is my new love; hope you get it planted.