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10 October 2009

The Magical World of Ann Wood

Ship of Dreams, Winkin' Blinkin' and Nod - sailing the night skies to Never Neverland -- these are the magical, mystical places of my childhood that sailed immediately back to life the moment I discovered Ann Wood and her enchanting floating ships--

Her own place looks like what I imagine Wendy's room in the land of the lost boys to look something like -

Her workspace - a place where childhood fantasies are being spun into a beautiful reality-

Floating through the air above are dreams in the making -

A tapestry of vibrant hues which will become the sails that help take you there.

Once attached to the fragile vessel of paper mache

you will be able to sail away to places limited only by your imagination...

Through the skies, through time ...

Or perhaps you would like your new found treasure to be earth bound ...

part of a stunning vignette

...like this beauty that Ann Wood named "shipwrecked".

I want to live in a world where something that spectacular is what a shipwreck looks like. Scoot over a little Ann, is there room for me? I want to live in your lovely, lovely world of dreams.

Photos from Ann Wood's site


AnachroLush said...

How beautiful! What an inspiration it must be to live in a physical manifestation of your dreams.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh what a wonderful new world. I've popped over from Niartist and re-found your lovely blog and also this wonderful world of Ann Woods.
I don't know how I lost the link here but now I am back I will definitely bookmark. I do feel like I've escaped to a wonderful world full of fantasy and beauty.

sinnlighet said...

love love this visual, dreamy sensual imagines.

thank you for sharing!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Positively other-wordly!

Beautiful images...love the colorand movement of the fabric one!

Thanks Girl!

animal print gal said...

Your ships are so dreamy and inspiring! Don't we all love to start a little different journey?

Laura@EdenRose said...

Gosh! These images are breathtaking, love your blog too

Greet said...

Wonderful images ! Ann Wood has to be a wonderful lady with a lot of fantasie!


Rosa Phoenix said...

Thank you for these photos, I love the floating ship.

Viera said...

How romantic and dreamy.

vicki archer said...

What beautiful work Isa...stunning, xv.

Diane said...

Oh my those ships are beautiful, and so is the artists bedroom. Thank you for bringing that to all our attention... this is my first time on your blog and I am really impressed.

Tony & Tabitha said...

It's all beautiful eye candy! Just Beautiful!