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06 October 2009

Supersize it, Please.

There has been a lot of talk lately of 'what's your style?' in bloggyland - the tests you can take, the beautiful book reviews, the invitation that went around to put up one room that sums up your happy place, design-wise - I haven't been able to put a label on my crazy world - but I do like breaking rules, and that includes the rules of scale. I love big things, and don't care if the space is small, or if the big piece is out of scale with the rest of the room -- you'd see that in Museville if you came over to my little house and saw my 10 x 10 sun washed green velvet sectional or my crazy huge floor mirror, or the fishbowl sized coffee cups I drink my go-juice out of each morning.

So, in addition to all of the wonderful reasons that have been mentioned on the fabulous blogs of Joni Webb and Brooke Giannetti regarding Restoration Hardware's latest and delicious unveiling, I love what's going on over there with the big big pieces and have torn out pages from their catalog and pinned them on my office wall so that I can see them all day - and I let out little happy sighs whenever I look at these rooms...

Just look at the size of that dreamy mirror - and Mark Sage's chandelier... LOVE them. Singing my song, I say.

I would take everything in this room right down to the books and fishing weights on the table. I love that enormous light and that map of Paris? (Dies) It blows mine right out of the water. As much as I love 'big' I don't think I have a wall large enough (literally) to house that here in my McMini. So, as much as it blows my Paris map out of the water, I can at least hang mine on one of my walls. (It somehow doesn't make me feel better - I'm still pining away over this one!)

I'm in love with this baluster table - I've been working on one for an outdoor dining room table which I admit that I copied from the one I saw on Michael Trapp's property on his website.

Those eyeglass frame molds are fantastic, and I love all those different frames that house the beautiful sketches - more mismatched loveliness that is another defining characteristic of my style, I suppose.

Out of all the Resto rooms, this one is most definitely my favorite. The little vintage toolbox chest side tables, Mark Sage's bricklayer table, the huge capital, those fabulous Royal seamaster lights ... but the coupe de grace is that oh-so-dreamy mirror! I am seriously, seriously, seriously in love with it. (I just heard my credit card whimper) I have never flipped through a catalog before and loved entire rooms - until now.

Reclaimed, handcarved ... more of my favorite love song...

And saddled up next to this sleek, shiny, oh so fabulously huge sealight?! My heart can hardly take it. A danger of super sizing, I hear...

The light is sending out morse code for "come buy me!" Must resist...

Okay, so there actually is one thing that is driving me crazy with this room - the perfectionist in me would never allow two of these toolbox chests to flank my sofa because they aren't mirror imaged... I am so bad (PTH groaned when I pointed this out to him) - see how the latches are on the left side of both of them in the photo above? That detail drives me crazy. The latches, in Museville, would have to be to the outside or the inside, but not one of each! If they were mine, I would seriously take one of them to a machinist and have him take the legs off, turn it upside down and put the legs back on so that the hinges were both on the outside and the latch was on the inside, towards the sofa - perfectly matched.

Design Neurosis at its finest. I know, I know ... it's an issue. One that Poor Tired Husband has to constantly live with... but it's how I roll. Do things like that drive you crazy, too?

But I digress - this was about bigger is better and with so many great Artisans on board now, they're sure doing it big over at Restoration Hardware, and I'm lovin' it!

Happy New Week!

All images from Restoration Hardware dot com


In shop news over at Greyfreth - we just received a shipment of new and beautiful bottles from Claire - including a brand new style - come see!


Chrissy said...

Oh...those photos are stunning,the first two are my fav.I am with you I would take everything as is!!!! Great post,Chrissy

Angie Muresan said...

I'm with you, bigger is better! I'm a tall girl, when I shop for couch I look for those large enough to cuddle in with hubby and two kids. Love Restoration Hardware's new look. One of their store's just down the street from me. It's been years since I paid it a visit... Maybe the time has come for a pop in?

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wonderful new look at Restoration H.
That map is swoon-worthy!

vicki archer said...

Bigger is definitely better in these snaps Isa. Love these shots, xv.

A Life More Fabulous said...

Love this post - I've been SO impressed with Restoration Hardware lately!

Helen said...

Dear Isa .... I have already checked out your new treasures and can predict more family members will receive cross top bottles.
Your post today reminded me I must work in earnest on that 3'x 8' table sitting in my garage. I, too, don't have one room actually large enough to house it ~ but I WILL find a way!

donna baker said...

That mirror came from heaven, right?

Ticking and Toile said...

The photos are gorgeous~as is your blog!!


sinnlighet said...

Amazing pic's eller som vi säger i Sverige... fantastiska bilder!

Regards from Agneta, you know the swedish one from Swedens Provence, Österlen o;))

Greet said...

Great post Isa! You have chosen the right pictures!


Tracey said...

The new Restoration hardware line is definitely dreamy!!! I love having some large scale pieces too...I have a huge mirror in my foyer that practically takes up the entire wall - and it's my fav!

:) T

Millie said...

Well of course some of us are not so lucky - RH hasn't set up an Aussie outpost, so all of us deprived girls Down Under can do is drool. No more RH posts please dear Sister, it depresses me too much.
Millie ^_^

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the use of BIG mirros leaned against a wall... FAB!!!
Good to see you drop by!!! I'm always thrilled to pop over to your site to see the FAB things you post and listen to your music... I will be stuck on your site for awhile!!!